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Housing & Residence Life

The Housing and Residence Life Office is located in Pyle Center and is staffed from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. The residence halls at Wilmington are more than just places to sleep and to study. They are living-learning environments that promote individual growth and development.

They also provide a community living experience that is rich with learning opportunities. The Housing Department, under the direction of the Assistant Dean of Students, is part of the division of Student Life which is directed by the Vice President for Student Affairs.

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Housing and Board Requirements

All full-time regular students are required to live in the residence halls and board at the campus dining room. (Exception: those students living in Alternative Housing have some smaller meal plan options on the board requirement.)

Applications for exemption from the Housing requirement are available from the Housing and Residence Life Office. An exemption may be granted by the Assistant Dean of Students for the following reasons:

  • The student will live with his/her parents/guardians within 30 miles of the City of Wilmington.
  • The student is legally married.
  • The student has already spent 8 semesters in campus housing
  • The student is a single parent with custodial responsibilities.
  • The student will be 23 years of age by the first days of classes of Fall Semester.
  • The student will be a member of a fraternity and will be living in that organization’s designated (privately owned) house and has been approved by the Housing Office and the House Manager
  • The student will be studying abroad.

Students may have invited guests in the residence halls and in the rooms at any time. Overnight guests must be registered with the Resident Assistant on the floor. Residents are held responsible for the behavior of their guests. Guests are expected to abide by the rules of the college and with housing policies. Please note, this policy is currently impacted by COVID-19.

Roommates select each other or are selected by the Housing Staff. Selections are done based on answers to a questionnaire which tries to assess compatibility. Answering the questionnaire honestly is important.

The cost to replace a lost or damaged ID card is $20. The cost to replace a lost residence hall room key is $80, billed to your student account. The cost to replace a Preferred Housing key is $120, billed to your student account.


If you have a medical or physical condition that requires special housing needs, you must have a letter from your family physician stating your condition, listing any prescription medications you are taking, on file with the College’s ADA Service provider and with the Housing and Residence Life Office. For some students with undocumented special needs, please see the Assistant Dean of Students for instructions.

For residents requiring air conditioned rooms for health reasons:

You must present a letter from your family physician listing your condition and the prescription medications you are taking for the condition.

You must have approval from the Director of Health Services. Approval will be based on the information received from your physician.

First-year Students who need an air conditioner must select one of the designated rooms on the first floor of Pickett Hall. You must pay in advance of installation a fee of $350.00 to cover cost of installation and utilities.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTIFY THE HOUSING OFFICE OF YOUR AIR CONDITIONER NEEDS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE SO THAT WE CAN ENSURE THAT THERE IS SPACE AVAILABLE IN PICKETT. AUSTIN RESIDENTS MAY NOT HAVE AIR CONDITIONERS INSTALLED.

Students who try to install air conditioners without permission will be subject to disciplinary action.
Applications must be renewed each academic year.  For upperclass student housing, rooms in Marble will all have air conditioners, however, the same standard fee of $350.00 will be assessed to use the air conditioning unit.

NOTE: Prior application for a special needs/air conditioner room is required.

Housing Terms and Conditions 2020-21