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Wellness at WC

Balance Your Health on Every Level

As you set the foundation for your future, supporting the needs of your mind, body and spirit is essential to your success. At Wilmington College, we are committed to providing the resources and programs that can inspire you to make healthy decisions every day.

Our Health & Wellness Center not only provides medical services to treat minor health issues but also mental health counseling to ensure your personal challenges and needs are being addressed.

We also know that a body on the move is a key component to the wellness equation. That is why our Quaker Recreation Center houses state-of-the-art fitness equipment along with group workout classes through QuakerFit. We also have a dedicated Wellness Program and a rotating Wellness Committee that hosts fitness events and provides information about healthy eating habits.

Let us be healthy together!

Healthy Mind

The state of your mind matters. Discover our services that encourage optimal mental health at Wilmington College.

The Health & Wellness Center

Whether you have the sniffles and need a prescription or you are feeling stressed and cannot manage your time well, our Health & Wellness Center can address your concerns. Our medical and mental health services are FREE OF CHARGE to Wilmington College students. You are not required to provide your insurance card to receive most care.

Schedule a Counseling Appointment

No problem is too large or small. At Wilmington College, our confidential student counseling services can help you with time management, stress, relationship issues, substance use/abuse/dependence, depression, anxiety, LGBTQ+ issues, ADHD, bipolar disorder and more.

Our counselors, Ana Lopez and Kazi McDowell, are available to listen when you need them.

Healthy Body

Let us get you moving! At WC, we have an array of fitness resources and programs that encourage you to stay physically fit.

The QRC includes up-to-date fitness equipment, group workouts, a basketball court, and an indoor walking track to inspire you to engage in a regular fitness routine.

Schedule a Medical Appointment

Feeling under the weather? Book a medical appointment and visit the Health & Wellness Center to see our registered nurse or college physician for your health concerns. Our medical services are free of charge to students, and you are not required to provide your insurance card to receive most care.

Healthy Spirit

Asking the moral, ethical and philosophical questions of our time is what makes us human. The more we engage with the world, the more these curiosities will arise. At Wilmington College, we encourage you to discover and explore your spiritual path.

Campus Ministries

Are you questioning your faith? Do you want to deepen your understanding of religion or spirituality? Our campus minister is happy to provide resources and openly dialogue with students who are searching for God, considering making ministry their vocation or simply wanting to have a meaningful conversation.

Center for Service & Civic Engagement

In conjunction with the college’s mission, the Center for Service & Civic Engagement (CSCE) aims to develop students who have a “commitment to peace making, social justice, humanitarian service, and respect for all persons.” CSCE helps you find opportunities to act for the betterment of the community.

Peace Resource Center

The Peace Resource Center (PRC) develops events and programming that encourage dialogue about how to resolve conflict, from the personal to global level.


Information for New Students

PRIVIT: Your Medical Profile at Your Fingertips

PRIVIT is an application used to store your emergency contact information and medical information, including your immunization records and insurance card.

It is important that you fill out and upload all requested documentation prior to attending Wilmington College. We have set up the following checklist to help you comply with our medical requirements.

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