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Featured Degree Program Areas

Whether you are interested in learning about exercise science, sustainable farming practices, the world of finance or another area of study altogether, no other liberal arts college takes you from book learning to hands-on learning like WC. With us, you are thoroughly equipped to enter the working world with practical skills and confidence.


Football players in a huddle

Love Sports?
Join Our Teams!

With nearly half the student population participating in varsity sports, our athletic program is a source of institutional pride that transcends the boundaries of our campus, sports season or any one person.

We are Quakers and #WeAreDubC!

Why Choose WC?

Our Quaker values of peace, justice and social equity are foundational to the way we shape your experience. We not only offer an exceptional education at a private college but we also foster a sense of purpose and encourage incredible opportunities for you to exercise your knowledge and principles out into the greater world. Whether you need academic, financial or career support - or anything in between - our faculty and staff are here to support your college experience from day one so that you can focus on concretizing the possibilities that await you.

Hands-on Experience Comes First

Learning by doing is integral to a Wilmington College education. On campus, students experience hands-on learning in our labs, greenhouses, and academic farms, as well as our award-winning, state-of-the-art athletic facility.

You’ll Have Financial Support

We are proud to say that Wilmington College offers more financial aid than most large, state universities or colleges in Ohio. Our financial aid advisors aim to make the process of applying for aid and funding your education as seamless as possible.

Join WC's Alumni and Friends

As students, you were living and learning on campus for only several years, but as alumni, you're a part of us for life. It's important we stay connected because you represent our success.

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We regularly post new updates across our social media channels. Follow us, comment, and use the tag #ExperienceDubC on your own posts to share your unique WC experience with the world.