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Financial Aid at Wilmington College

Financial Aid Can Make Your College Dreams a Reality

Everyone comes to college with varying degrees of financial need. For some, it may seem daunting to take on such a large expense early on in their lives. We understand and are here to help you apply for financial aid, find scholarships, etc. Ultimately, we suspect you will agree that the payoff is worth the investment depending on the industry you desire to work in and the quality of life you wish to lead.

There is a common misconception when it comes to the affordability of private schools, with the assumption being that you’ll pay substantially more than if you were to attend a public university. Yes, the base costs are typically higher, but we also have access to endowments and higher scholarship values that lower the cost passed on to you. Find out how affordable Wilmington College is!


Students Receive Financial Aid


Average Financial Aid Package


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Learn More about Specific Costs and Fees

When determining how much a degree from Wilmington College will cost, you’ll need to consider a few things.

  • Direct Costs: These are things that are directly charged by WC — tuition, fees, housing, food, etc.
  • Indirect Costs: Any other expense you may incur — off-campus rent, books, transportation and other personal expenses.
  • Your Financial Aid Offer. Learn more about what you may qualify for and explore types of financial aid.

Estimate Your Overall College Costs within Minutes

Save money on college without having to worry about paying more than necessary. Our Net Price Calculator is a smart tool that will help you estimate what you will pay for tuition and other expenses. Just input a few simple details about yourself and see what you're likely to owe. No more guessing games — it's time you found out your net price.

Diversify How You Are Paying for College

On average, WC students receive $24,263 in financial aid. You might wonder how our students are building such substantial aid offers. And the answer is easy: Do not rely on just one source!

Your past efforts and circumstances may end up paying part of your way through college. We have scholarships based on academics, leadership, diversity enhancement and talent. Grants are awarded on an as-needed basis. Additionally, you might consider employment-based options such as work-study or paid internships.

Applying for Financial Aid

Applying for aid is easier than you think. You can fill out your FAFSA in early December, so we recommend adding it to your admission checklist.

  • Apply to Wilmington College.
  • Apply for a Federal Student Aid Identification Number (FSA ID). Each FAFSA contributor will need an FSA ID.
  • Complete the FAFSA. While there is not an official deadline, applications received by March 15 will receive priority consideration for limited funds.
  • Plus a handful more steps that we have outlined in more detail to help you apply for financial aid.

Important Dates and Deadlines for Financial Aid

First Day of Fall Semester: August 19, 2024
First Day of Spring Semester: January 13, 2025


Need Additional Assistance?

Veterans Benefits

Do you anticipate using VA Educational Benefits? We are committed to helping you connect with the resources and financial aid that you, your parent or spouse earned.

Financial Aid Resources

Need a one-page list of resources to help you on your financial aid journey? We have you covered with multiple direct links to important pages on the site as well as additional scholarship databases.

Have Questions?

Meet with us at the Student One Stop Center

Located in Pyle Student Center, the Student One Stop is the place to go when you and your family need assistance with anything! We can help you apply for financial aid, pay your bill, register for classes and so much more.

During office hours, workstations are available where you can complete your FAFSA, get entrance or exit loan counseling, apply for loans or register for classes.

OFFICE HOURS: Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m.