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Types of Aid

When you apply for financial aid, you are applying for all aid resources. Financial aid is available from a variety of resources: U.S. federal government, state where you live, college you attend, or nonprofit or private organizations. Below you will find detailed information on the various types of financial aid available to students at the undergraduate level. All Wilmington College Scholarships and Grants are applied to tuition and fees only.

PLEASE NOTE: As a NCAA Division III institution, Wilmington College does not offer financial aid based on athletic participation, per NCAA Bylaw 15.4.1.


Scholarships are "free dollars" that do not need to be repaid. They are generally offered based on academic merit, demonstrated financial need, academic major, or participation in an organization or activity.

PLEASE NOTE: As a NCAA Division III institution, Wilmington College does not offer financial aid based on athletic participation, per NCAA Bylaw 15.4.1.

WC Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships are comprised of the generous donations made by alumni, parents, friends, foundations, and companies who have confidence in Wilmington College’s mission. Your FAFSA result serves as your application for any of WC’s endowed scholarships.

Other Scholarships

Many Wilmington students also receive scholarships from outside organizations. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the Student One Stop Center of the amount and source of any outside funding received. Unlike entitlements, such as Federal Pell Grants, outside scholarships are considered to be a resource that may reduce or replace a loan, work opportunity, or grant that has already been offered. It is Wilmington’s policy to reduce need-based loan first, followed by work-study and then grants. It is possible that your Subsidized Loan (need-based) could change to an Unsubsidized Loan (non-need-based).

Scholarship Searches

All students can explore scholarship opportunities outside of Wilmington College.

We also encourage you to check with your high school guidance counselor, place of worship, civic groups, clubs, parent’s employer, and the reference section of your public library. The Internet can also be a great source. Beware of any organization that asks for a fee. You don’t have to pay to find legitimate sources. Some free scholarship search engines you may want to try are:

Federal Pell Grant$750 - $7,395Federal Grant. Based on financial need.
Federal SEOG Grant$1,000Federal Grant. Must be Pell Grant recipient.
Ohio College Opportunity Grant
State grant. Based on financial need and Ohio residency.
Wilmington College Grant
VariesWC Grant. Based on academic achievement and financial need.

Work Study

Work-study enables students to work and earn money to help defray personal expenses. It is a need-based employment opportunity offered to you as part of your financial aid offer. Work-study students are an important part of the college operations. Opportunities for employment during the academic year are campus-wide and include (but not limited to) the library, athletic facilities, administrative and academic offices.

While most work-study positions are on-campus, Wilmington College also partners with various off-campus sites such as area school districts and counseling centers through our community service program. Unlike, other aid programs, work-study earnings are not guaranteed since it is your responsibility to find a work-study job.

Also, work-study earnings will not be credited to your student account. Instead, students receive paychecks on a bi-weekly basis for hours worked. WC work-study positions are funded primarily by federal funds and are available only to students offered Federal Work-study as part of their financial aid offer. Students can receive up to $2,650 per academic year.

Student employees are not eligible for traditional benefit packages, but there are other "benefits" like flexible hours, valuable work experience, insight into possible careers, and a better understanding of how the college operates. Available work-study positions are posted on WHOLElink. Students interested in obtaining a community service based work-study position are encouraged to meet with our Service Learning Coordinator.


Loans are money that you borrow and must be repaid according to the terms of each type of loan. A variety of low interest loans are available to students and parents. Loans make up a large part of a student’s financial aid offer. It is in your best interest to only borrow what you need.

The amount you can borrow will be listed on your financial aid offer. By accepting the loan, you are giving Wilmington College permission to certify and electronically transmit data to the U.S. Department of Education. You will also need to complete promissory notes and entrance counseling sessions online. This must be completed before loan funds can be disbursed to your student account.

Federal Direct Loan

The Federal Direct Loan has a fixed 4.99% interest rate. No repayment of principal is required while the student is enrolled at least halftime. This loan program has a need-based component (subsidized) and a non-need-based component (unsubsidized). The only difference between these components is that you are responsible for paying the interest on the Unsubsidized Loan while you are in school. The amount you can borrow is based on your grade level and dependency stat

Annual Direct Loan Amounts (Maximum)SubsidizedDependent UnsubsidizedIndependent Unsubsidized
First Year Students (0-29 earned hours)$3,500$2,000$6,000
Second Year Students (30-59 earned hours)$4,500$2,000$6,000
Third Year and Beyond (60+ earned hours$5,500$2,000$7,000

Federal Direct Plus Loan (Parent Loan)

The Federal Plus Loan allows credit-worthy parents and stepparents of dependent students to annually borrow an amount up to the cost of attendance minus financial aid. This loan program has a fixed 7.54% interest rate. Repayment typically begins within sixty days of final loan disbursement.

Step 1: Complete Online Federal Direct Plus Loan Application Process

Note: If a parent is pre-approved, the parent still must complete a Federal Plus Loan Master Promissory Note to complete the application process. If pre-approved, the screen will provide you with an option to complete your Federal Direct Plus Loan Master Promissory Note online. Please click on this option and complete the needed information.


Private Education Loan programs are designed to bridge the funding gap when savings, grants, student loans, and other resources are not enough. These programs allow families to borrow up to the cost of education minus financial aid and are deferrable while the student is enrolled at least half-time, although interest may accrue during this period. These loans also offer flexible repayment terms.

Most Private Education Loans require the student to pass a credit check, and in most cases, a credit- worthy co-signer is required as well. Families should utilize all Federal options (Direct and Parent PLUS Loans) prior to applying for a Private Education Loan because federal loans typically offer better rates, fees and repayment options.

It is important to understand that not all Private Education Loan programs are equal. Interest rates, fees, repayment periods, interest accrual, deferment options, and cosigner release terms will vary from lender to lender.

While Wilmington College does not compile or maintain a preferred lender list, we have supplied a link below to the FASTChoice product from Great Lakes Higher Education Loan Service where you will receive basic counseling on Private Education Loans. In addition, you can see side-by-side comparisons of Private Education Loan programs. At least two lenders will be presented to you at all times. You are free to select any lender you choose, including those not presented.

The lenders and loan options presented in FASTChoice are not an exhaustive list of available Private Education Loan options and were selected as a starting point to help families research Private Education Loans. Even though our institution has worked with these lenders in the past 12 months, and they have been used frequently by previous WC student borrowers who have successfully completed loan transactions with them, WC does not endorse any Private Education Loan program or lender, nor do we limit a borrower’s choice of lender. Neither the institution nor any employee of the institution has received any form of benefit from any lender to be listed here.

If you choose a lender that is not presented, please contact that lender directly to complete the application process. Application processing will not be delayed unnecessarily if you choose a lender not presented as we maintain a professional relationship with all lenders. You can choose to bypass FASTChoice and simply search the web for the Private Education Loan program/lender of your choosing.

Our institution and employees are prohibited from accepting any financial or other benefits in exchange for displaying lenders and loan options in FASTChoice. Prohibited activities include: receiving compensation to serve on any lender board of directors or advisory boards; accepting gifts including trips, meals, and entertainment; allowing lenders to staff our institution’s financial aid office; allowing lenders to place our institution’s name or logo on any of their products; and owning of lenders’ stock (for college officials who make financial decisions for our institution).

Wilmington College is not responsible for the content of lender websites appearing within FASTChoice as the actual lender is responsible for all content regarding their Private Education Loan program. If you have specific questions regarding a Private Education Loan program, you must contact the lender directly. Note information is subject to change at any time.

Keep in mind that most lenders will require the borrower and cosigner to submit documents to them in addition to the application/promissory note. The lender will not notify Wilmington College about your loan application until all required documents have been received and a credit check has been performed. Upon credit approval the lender will contact WC to certify the loan application. Once the loan is certified, it will appear on your student account.

Depending on the lender, it can take 1 to 2 weeks to complete the Private Education Loan process, so early application is crucial. Applications should be submitted no later than June 1 in order to meet the fall semester payment deadline of July 20.

  • If you are the student and have exhausted your federal loan eligibility or you need additional funding to cover your educational costs, you can research and/or apply for a Private Education Loan by clicking on the “Private Education Loan Info-Students” option located on the FASTChoice web page. Under this option, the student is the borrower and responsible for repaying the loan.
  • If you are the biological or adoptive parent of an enrolled Wilmington College student and want to consider a Private Education Loan rather than borrow the Federal Parent Plus Loan to cover your child’s educational costs, you can research and/or apply for a Private Education Loan by clicking on the “Private Loan Info for Parents-Relatives” option located on the FASTChoice web page. Under this option, the parent is the borrower and responsible for repaying the loan.
  • If you are not the student or the biological/adoptive parent of an enrolled Wilmington College student but want to consider a Private Education Loan to cover all or a portion of an enrolled Wilmington College student’s educational costs, you can research and/or apply for a Private Education Loan by clicking on the “Private Loan Info for Parents-Relatives” option located on the FASTChoice web page. Under this option, the third party is the borrower and responsible for repaying the loan.