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Student Support

Find the Services You Need

At Wilmington College, your success is our highest priority. We provide robust student support services that ensure no matter your academic strengths and weaknesses, socioeconomic background, or any obstacles you may face when coming to college, you're set up for success the moment you set foot on campus.

Academic Resources

It probably comes as no surprise that we offer our students academic support, this is a college after all! Wilmington College goes the extra mile, offering both individual and group tutoring and study opportunities, faculty and staff members who are dedicated to aiding your success through mentorship and advising, career counseling and job preparation, and even a location filled with food, supplies and other resources for students who struggle with food insecurity and other obstacles, the Quaker Cupboard.


Your wellness is comprised of many factors, including your physical and mental health, sense of spirit and safety. We take all of these factors very seriously at Wilmington College, and do our part to ensure your wellness is secured.