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Diversity & Inclusion

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Wilmington College was founded in 1870 by the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), who are known for the promotion of the ideals of social justice, peacemaking, respect for all persons and the equality of all people. The College still strives to incorporate each of these qualities throughout its campus-wide programs.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion coordinates educational, cultural, and social programs designed to educate and inspire all students. Our mission is to promote an inclusive college climate by acting as an educational resource that prepares students to succeed in a diverse society.

Additionally, this office serves as a resource for the entire campus community, while providing multicultural students and their families with a direct and centralized connection to Wilmington College. All are welcome to stop by and discuss concerns related to race, gender, religion, sexuality, or ability.

Latinx Student Association

LSA is a newly formed, pan-Latinx student group that seeks to unite students of Wilmington College interested in sharing, celebrating, and learning about Latino culture. The purpose of LSA is to provide all interested students, Latinx or not, with an opportunity to interact and promote cultural awareness and reaffirmation through events and programming. Through the organization and its members, LSA hopes to foster solidarity among Latinx students and harmony among all students at Wilmington College. 


WC PRIDE strives to educate others and themselves, by raising awareness about sexual and gender identities, and working with other campus groups towards eliminating intolerance and prejudice. Their goal is to create an accepting environment within the Wilmington College community and be a safe place where everyone within the LGBTQ+ community can feel comfortable and supported. They work closely with the Office of Diversity & Inclusion to advocate for the acceptance of all people through various forms of on-campus programming and support initiatives.

Black Student Initiative

The primary focus of BSI is to unify students of Wilmington College from various backgrounds and ethnicities. The organization, though initiated by African American students, strives to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment where all students of varying backgrounds may express, celebrate and share their heritage. BSI sponsors a wide variety of activities and programs with the goal of increasing cultural awareness and involvement throughout the entire campus and surrounding community.

BSI Site

International Club

Both international and American students are invited to become members of the International Club. Multicultural programming, including social activities and educational excursions, are planned throughout the academic year.

Jewish Culture Club

JCC is a student group that seeks to unite students of Wilmington College interested in sharing, celebrating, and learning about Jewish and Israeli culture. The purpose of JCC is to provide all interested students, Jewish or not, with an opportunity to interact and promote cultural awareness and reaffirmation through events and programming. Through the organization and its members, JCC hopes to foster solidarity among Jewish students and harmony among all students at Wilmington College.

Native American Student Association

With Southwest Ohio being an area rich in Native American culture, students of WC recently formed the Native American Student Association (NASA). With NASA being the most internally diverse of all of WC’s cultural organizations, their purpose is to provide students, with native ties or not, with an opportunity to explore and discover the vast beauty of the Native American heritage. This is done via both on and off campus events and programming. NASA also strives to foster harmony among all students at Wilmington College.

Wilmington College Connections

This program is designed to make an underrepresented student’s transition to college a successful one. This program matches incoming students with returning student leaders who have received training to serve as mentors. “Connections” is the operative term for this program as our mission is to connect with the incoming student and assist them to connect with the WC campus and resources. Many of our current student leaders are products of this program.

Register for the Wilmington College Connections Program

Leadership Opportunities

A significant percentage of our key positions on campus are held by students of color. These positions include:

WC Multicultural Activities and Annual Celebrations

Martin Luther King Celebration

Black History Month Activities

WC African Village

Women’s History Month Activities

Festival of Women in Music & Art

Westheimer Peace Symposium

Issues & Artists Series (Lecturers and Entertainment)

The International Jam

Group Outings

Leadership Conferences

Various Guest Speakers



“Diversity begins with appreciating one’s self and all of what makes you unique – your hair, your skin, your attitudes and beliefs. That self-appreciation then becomes the impetus for real, open, and honest dialogue which leads to a deeper understanding and appreciation of our differences.”


“I’ve taught at other schools where probing questions on race and ethnicity were met with silence from students. I’m pleased that at Wilmington College, with more representation from minority students, questions on race and ethnicity are examined from various perspectives in an open and honest forum in which all feel free to participate regardless of the makeup of the class.”

Dr. Jeffrey P. Stahley
Associate Professor of Spanish


“Wilmington College allowed me to grow into the person I am thankful of being today. The friendly and helpful environment on campus encouraged me to work hard with my studies and at the same time I made lifelong friends among the students as well as the faculty. Wilmington College will forever be a part of me and for that I am proud!”

Maria Larsen – Sweden
Class of 2012


“It was a unique series of circumstances that brought me to Wilmington College. After spending the majority of my life in foster care, I was unsure about where my life would lead me. I chose what I believe is my road to success — going to college. Since enrolling at WC, I have developed into a capable student, but even more so, the College has given me the opportunity to become a leader. I have been involved with football, musical groups and theatre. I joined a fraternity and I have also served as a resident assistant, orientation team leader and peer mentor. This year I was selected to serve on the Presidential Search Committee and I was elected president of student government. Wilmington has presented me with the resources I will need to succeed, not only throughout college but for the rest of my life.”

Quatez “Q” Scott
Class of 2012


“Wilmington College offers small-sized classes and friendly campus life atmosphere, enabling me to closely interact with teachers and other students. As a chemistry major student, I appreciate the individual discussions with instructors and hands-on experiences with various instruments. I really enjoy my time at Wilmington College.”

Li Wang
Class of 2015