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Marble Hall

Dedicated: October 27, 1950

On a rainy day April 13, 1948, an enthusiastic group of students, faculty and staff left a convocation at which President Sam Marble had challenged them to build a badly needed dormitory, since there were no funds to have one built. With picks and shovels at hand, they began digging foundations in the mud.

The building was completed in 1950 with donated materials and volunteer labor. A bronze tablet in the front foyer records the names of those who helped. This was the first of a series of self-help projects undertaken during the Marble years. Marble can house about 73 students and it is reserved for upper-class students via a Housing Lottery points system

Marble Hall has laundry, kitchen and TV lounge facilities. Each student room is furnished with desks or study tables, chairs, beds, dressers, and wardrobe closets. Each student room also has Wi-Fi and basic cable TV hookups. Each floor has a single-sex bathroom.