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Wellness Committee

Wellness Program

The Wellness Program provides opportunities to learn about, and participate in, a healthier lifestyle. This includes physical, mental, and spiritual health. The program’s activities encourage faculty, staff and students to make healthy choices in their everyday life.

Guest speakers are scheduled periodically to speak to campus about various health- related topics. The most current topic was, “Fluffy to Fit” which consisted of a panel of staff and students who have been able to lose weight while maintaining a “normal” life on campus, balancing work and studies.

The Spring Wellness Challenge is a great way to get motivated, occurring in the Quaker Recreation Center. Challenges vary from year to year, but always provide information on eating healthy, fitness, and tracking workouts consistently to see results.

All Wellness activities, events, and programs are advertised on the WC App and WC email. Look for WC Wellness flyers on campus, as well.

Wellness Committee

The WC Wellness Committee is comprised of four students and is advised by Paula Stewart, Director of Wellness. A new committee is selected every spring.

The Committee hosts a variety of activities, events, and programs. The fall and spring 5-k races have become popular events on campus with themes such as, Glow Run, Retro Run, and Run Basic 5-k. A Wellness Movie Night is offered periodically to share a health-themed full length feature. Table tennis tournaments, disc golf tournaments, and even an obstacle course relay race are hosted by the committee, seasonally.

The annual WC Health Fair takes places in March and is hosted by the Wellness Committee, as well. The fair attracts 45 vendors from the Wilmington Community as well as health-related service providers on the Wilmington College campus. It is a great event and a fun way to learn more about Wellness providers in our area. Students planning to work in the Health and Fitness industry have the opportunity to meet and ask questions of any of the professionals who attend the WC Health Fair.