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Quaker Fit

QuakerFit is dedicated to providing quality fitness and wellness classes for the Wilmington College Community. A friendly, helpful, safe workout environment is provided for all participants — regardless of the level at which you start — while offering a variety of fun and motivating activities. QuakerFit classes are held at the Quaker Recreation Center.

Class Descriptions


Boot Camp — Enjoy a well-planned, fun and supportive class designed to help you reach your greatest level of fitness. This intense workout for all fitness levels features: cardio, strength training, flexibility exercises, endurance, plyometrics and more. QRC Group Fitness Room

Spinning — Spinning is easy to learn, motivating and a great way to get into shape and maintain a strong fitness level. Regardless of age, weight or skill level, it’s easy to get started with one of the world’s leading exercise programs. QRC Spinning Studio

Yoga — Find an inner peace and balance that will affect all aspects of life in a positive manner. This challenging, yet relaxing, practice provides a positive experience for mind, body and spirit. Yoga complements other training to stay flexible, strong and focused. QRC Group Fitness Room

Fun Fit Dance — Let the music pick you up as you tone and strengthen your body, whether you are a novice or expert. Dance with friends without even realizing you are exercising. QRC Group Fitness Room

H.I.I.T — High Intensity Interval Training combines explosive movements designed to increase your heart-rate followed by timed rest cycles. All fitness levels are welcomed in this fun and fast-paced class. QRC Group Fitness Room

Boxing — High intensity intervals improve cardio, speed, strength and coordination in this class of timed periods on the heavy bags, speed bag and other plyometric exercises. Participants will learn proper boxing technique on focus mitts and other equipment while fighting in a non-contact environment. QRC Group Fitness Room

Personal Training — Special personal training sessions are available by appointment.



"I used to hate going to the gym because I thought all I could do is cardio and I never had experience lifting weights. Having boot camp as a way to learn the basics of weights while having a group of people to push you to do better as well as struggle with is what motivates me to keep coming back. Not only that but as someone who dislikes a crowded gym, getting your workout done before anyone is awake gives an accomplished feeling and sets up my day on a positive note." -Anna Buck, student