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Cultivate Your Mind as Well as the Land

American agriculture provides a third of the world’s food supply and will be called upon to significantly increase production by mid-century for an ever-hungrier world. As a student in Wilmington College’s largest major, you will become prepared to help meet that daunting challenge through a blend of academic theory and hands-on practical experience.

With the Agriculture program, you will have the opportunity to apply concepts through outdoor application. Our hands-on learning opportunities can take you from labs in our new Withrow Center for Agricultural, Life and Physical Sciences to our greenhouses and 267-acre crop and animal production farm. You will also learn how to lobby Congress on agricultural and rural life issues in Washington, D.C. and organize a judging competition that regularly attracts 1,000-plus high school students. You may even get the opportunity to study sustainable farming methods in tropical Costa Rica.

Specialize your degree with six different concentration options:

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Learn more about the Food Policy & Agriculture Advocacy program


Graduates Working or Earning Advanced Degrees in Agriculture

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Concentrations to Specialize Your Studies in Agriculture


Agriculture Companies Offering Internships to WC Students


Agriculture Major Common Core

Coursework for the Agriculture major provides a foundation for understanding all aspects of the field including modern practices and technologies, different food sources, sustainability efforts, and farms management and finance.

Degree Requirements

Location: On campus
Credits: 50-54 depending on concentration
Time to complete: Four years

Core Curriculum

  • AG130G Fundamentals of horticulture (4)
  • AG132 Principles of Crop and Animal Science Production I (4)
  • AG133 Principles of Crop and Animal Science Production II (4)
  • AG134 Exploring Agriculture (2)
  • AG138 Computer Applications in Agriculture I (2)
  • AG244 Agricultural Economics (4)
  • AG285 Agriculture Practicum (1-2)
  • AG330 Foundations of Soil Science (4)
  • AG331 Advanced Soils and Soil Fertility (4)
  • AG334 Weed Management (4)
  • AG335 Organic Farming (4)
  • AG338 Computer Applications in Agriculture II (2)
  • AG340 Meat and Food Animal Science (4)
  • AG343 Dairy Science (4)
  • AG344 Sheep Science (4)
  • AG345 Swine Science (4)
  • AG346 Beef Science (4)
  • AG347 Animal Health (2)
  • AG349 Animal Nutrition (4)
  • AG350 Topics in Agriculture (2)
  • AG361 Commodity Marketing (4)
  • AG362 Sustainable Agricultural Leadership (4)
  • AG363 Agricultural Finance (4)
  • AG436G Grain Crop Production (4)
  • AG437 Forage Production and Management (4)
  • AG460 Agricultural Policy (2)
  • AG462 Farm Management (4)
  • AG485 Agriculture Practicum (1-2)
  • AG495 Seminar in Agriculture (4)

Agriculture Minor

The Agriculture program enriches the broad general education provided by Wilmington College with basic courses designed to prepare students either for graduate programs or for participation in the food systems industry. This includes production, processing, management, finance, marketing, research and other varied professions.

Minor Requirements

Location: On campus
Credits: 26 hours
Time to Complete: Four years

Core Curriculum

  • AG132 Principles of Crop and Animal Science Production I (4)
  • AG133 Principles of Crop and Animal Science Production II (4)
  • AG134 Exploring Agriculture (2)
  • AG244 Agricultural Economics (4)
  • +12 credits of your choice in related courses

Equine Studies Minor

This minor is based on core Equine classes. Students will be offered hands-on opportunities to manage animals, integrate solutions, and explore the score of the equine industry. The Equine Studies minor complements majors in the area of Agriculture, Business, and Biology.

Minor Requirements

  • Location: On Campus
  • Credits: 24 hours
  • Time to Complete: Four Years

Core Curriculum

  • EQ130 Introduction to Equine Studies (2)
  • EQ136 Introduction to the Horse Industry (2)
  • EQ138 Basic Horse Handling I (2)
  • EQ240 Equine Health Management (4)
  • EQ363 Equine Marketing (2)
  • +12 credits of your choice in related courses

Sustainability Minor

This minor focuses on the concept of food production sustainability in considering its social, political and environmental connections. This is an appealing minor for those interested in the major challenges and opportunities related to food in a global society.

Minor Requirements

Location: On campus
Credits: 24 hours
Time to Complete: Four years

  • AG130G Fundamentals of Horticulture (4)
  • AG330 Foundations of Soil Science (4)
  • +16 credits of your choice in related courses

View our Academic Farms

Wilmington College’s academic farm is ranked #1 in the Midwest for student hands-on learning facilities and ranked top 15 in the nation. Our farm features 267 acres, a variety of farm animals, a high tunnel greenhouse, a 2.5 -acre vegetable garden, two greenhouses (main campus) and a 1,300-gallon rainwater recycling system.

What Can I Do with A Degree in Agriculture?

As an Agriculture major, you will have a variety of professional opportunities to choose from, including education, management, lobbying and scientific research.

Gain an understanding of planning, marketing and management within the agricultural industry. Choose from professional opportunities in areas such as:
  • Agricultural Credit
  • Farm Business Management
  • Agricultural Supply Firm Management Marketing

Faculty Spotlight

Learn from faculty members who offer a diverse background of education and experience and who, as mentors, will help you develop a network of industry contacts and find internship opportunities in your chosen concentration.



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