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Study Trips

Study TripsWilmington College believes that transforming the lives of our students into leaders ready to serve the pressing needs of society requires an understanding of the world and their place in it. Among the ways that the College accomplishes this is providing opportunities for students to experience diverse and, at times, challenging perspectives through domestic and international travel. These experiences ideally connect what is learned in the classroom with practical, hands-on learning opportunities.

This student experience is wide-ranging and impressive. They’ve lobbied Congress in Washington, DC, pressed sugarcane while studying the agriculture in Costa Rica and presented their scientific research with peers in Ecuador and the Philippines. Hundreds of students have made the world their classroom as they worked with Native American populations in South Dakota, assisted at schools in Kenya and interacted within the distinct cultures of locales ranging from Peru and New Zealand to Spain, Germany, China, Israel and Palestine.

Travel opportunities enrich the learning experience, promote better understanding among peoples and make the world a smaller place.


Student Scholarships

Student ScholarshipsHaving a support system is important. But here, support is just the beginning. We mentor. We challenge. We hold our students to high expectations because we know they can meet them. With the ideal combination of empowerment and motivation, students can stand taller, push harder and gain the confidence they need to succeed in any career. In order to provide this transformative experience to students, we need to make the cost of attending College an attainable reality to them. Currently over 99 percent of our students receive some form of financial aid. The Leave Your Mark Campaign will support student scholarships to worthy students as we endeavor to close the gap between what students can afford and the actual price of tuition. WC historically has attracted many first generation students and others that and the cost of higher education daunting. Funding scholarships will attract and retain talented and motivated students that may not otherwise be able to afford college.



FacultyA supportive and motivating faculty and staff is one of the hallmarks of a Wilmington College education. Their in uence transcends simply imparting knowledge but also achieves the level of mentorship and assisting students in developing the con dence required for successful careers. Highly quali ed faculty members possessing deep, industry-speci c knowledge permeate classrooms and laboratories across the campus. Faculty mentors challenge their students and hold them to

high expectations. The Leave Your Mark Campaign will support Endowed Department Chairs and Professorships in order to continue to attract outstanding professional educators to the College that are experts in their fields.

In order to continue to provide this high level of faculty to our students, we must invest in our faculty members. This campaign will support professional development opportunities for the faculty so that they can employ the most cutting edge knowledge and skills when preparing our students to enter and lead in the ever-evolving workplace.