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Annual Fund

At Wilmington College, we believe in educating the whole person through real-world experiences, focused on bettering the community. This commitment to the wellbeing of others is ever-present in the minds of our alumni and donors who contribute to the Annual Fund each year.

This critical fund for the College is the sustaining force that provides an environment committed to hands-on learning and hands-on living. Annual gifts help provide crucial financial aid to 99% of the student body and allow for a wide array of programs and opportunities that shape each individual student’s education and prepare them to enter and lead in the workplace upon graduation. Each year, these gifts send students across the globe, enrich the classroom environment, support campus organizations, provide athletic opportunities and allow us to accomplish key campus initiatives that enhance the overall student experience.

Over the course of the Leave Your Mark Campaign, giving to the Annual Fund will be the way that the majority of donors show their support. This is through thousands of gifts at different levels. In fact, by the end of the campaign, cumulative annual gifts of $150 or less will add up to nearly $1,000,000 dollars in support for various different areas on campus.


"Growing up, my family taught me the importance of giving back to the people and organizations that mean the most to me. As a student, Wilmington College has provided me with opportunities that have helped shape my future plans and goals. It's because of the impact the College has had that I choose to support the College with a gift each year. Even though these are smaller gifts, I'm just glad to give back."

Kyle Bell '17
Agriculture Major
Ashland, Ohio