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PhonathonEach semester student callers interact with alumni and friends of the College via a telephone exchange whose goal is both a gift in support of Wilmington College and a positive interaction with their Alma Mater. Students gain hands-on experience in interpersonal communication, marketing, and phone etiquette.

Both alumni and students enjoy their conversations with one another. Alumni often ask if their favorite professor is still teaching or ask about the students’ academic and campus involvement. These exchanges are vital to the health of the College as it allows alumni to update their contact information with Alumni Office, receive updates about campus life, and ultimately engage in philanthropic support to advance the mission of Wilmington College.

Alumni and Donors

If you would prefer not to be called during Phonathon, please submit this form to opt-out.


The application for Spring 2022 Phonathon has closed. Fall Phonathon will begin in October. For more information, please email