Corporate Partners Program Committee

Mission Statement

The Corporate Partners Program is a collaborative venture involving key departments at Wilmington College and will be directed through the Office of Advancement. This initiative is designed to strengthen Wilmington College’s relationship with the local and regional business community. This initiative will identify and implement strategies that will provide benefits for key stakeholders including students, local and regional business partners, and Wilmington College faculty and staff.

Committee Members

Matt Wahrhaftig, Vice President, Advancement
Tom Brady, Director of Development, Ohio Region
Amie Denkenberger, Director of Development, Midwest Region
Jeff Sellers, Director of Alumni Engagement
Tammy Shadley, Director of Development & Research Operations
Tony Vittorio, Director of Athletic Development
Steve Cukovecki, Senior Admission Counselor / Business Club Administrator
Monte Anderson, Professor, Center for Sciences & Agriculture
Erika Goodwin,  Vice President, Student Affairs / Dean of Faculty
Angela Mitchell, Associate Professor, Business Administration
Nina Talley, Director of Career Services
Cole Dawson, Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs
Steve Spirk, Athletics / Kirk Mee Golf Classic

Program Goals

  • Create a collaborative partnership with key departments at Wilmington College who have ties to the local and regional business community. Develop a centralized approach to how the college identifies opportunities to connect with the local and regional business community. This includes sponsorship and funding initiatives, internships, and developing on-campus learning opportunities that connect students, faculty and local business leaders.
  • Obtain a better understanding of who is currently reaching out to the local and regional business community from Wilmington College and how we can maximize our efforts with a collaborative and centralized approach.
  • Develop comprehensive sponsorship opportunities with local and regional business partners that will raise additional funds for the college, provide unique sponsorship opportunities (could include on-campus programs) for local and regional business partners and identify ways to connect students, faculty and local business leaders through these ongoing partnerships and “Hands-On” learning opportunities.

Program Processes

  • Identify, create and assign a list of business partners that will fall on one of several lists: The first list could include business partners that have the capacity to make Leadership level Gifts or have been identified for program specific initiatives for the college (e.g. Amazon).  The second list could include a list of business partners that will be identified and contacted in order to better understand what type of opportunities exist to strengthen the overall relationship with Wilmington College. A third list could be utilized to reach college business partners who simply want to make philanthropic gifts to support the college who may not be interested or targeted for strategic college initiatives.
  • Quarterly review & update with Corporate Partners committee to track progress, results and next steps.
  • Identify opportunities that involve Foundation Grants and understanding & maximizing opportunities with larger companies that may have the capacity to give in several different ways (Marketing $ vs Philanthropic $).