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Invest in the Living and Learning Environment

Invest in the Living and Learning Environment ($12 Million)

Community is nurtured in the classroom, as well as across the campus — in residence and recreational activities, student organizations and service. Through this campaign, donors will invest in initiatives that create the best possible environment for student life and learning. Capital improvements are planned to improve student living spaces, create productive learning environments and make the Wilmington College campus more welcoming.

Help our places RISE

When students have a sense of pride and a sense of place in their learning environment, they are empowered to do their best work. Your gift to the Comprehensive Campaign will help create inspirational living and learning spaces, including innovative and technologically advanced facilities; a beautiful, park-like campus; and communal gathering areas to help foster connections.

Upgrade Student Residences

  • Reconfigure traditional dorm-style residences to suites
  • Upgrade and modernize traditional dorm-style rooms

 Expand and Centralize Programs

  • Improvements to Pyle Student Center and Watson Library
  • Renovate Bailey Hall entrance and install elevator

 Enhance the Campus

  • Create additional gathering spots and core green spaces

Will You Join Us as We RISE?

You are the Quaker difference-maker who can help our people, places, and future RISE. We invite you to invest in our comprehensive campaign today to improve the experience of all Wilmington College students now, and preserve our traditions well into the future? Your support along with our stewardship of your philanthropy will implement this bold vision — Together we RISE.