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Together We RISE

A Letter from the President

Dear friends,

Welcome to the Wilmington College Comprehensive Campaign — Together We RISE.

Integrity and respect. Peace and social justice. Service and civic engagement. These lasting core values, inspired by the traditional Quaker testimonies, have been the heart of Wilmington College for over 150 years. You are invited to join all who embrace these values and support higher education. Higher education benefits students, communities, and society at large. Individuals who have a college degree consistently: experience broader career opportunities, earn higher salaries, give back to their communities, improve the economy and contribute to a better society for us all.

When you invest in Wilmington College, you’re elevating our mission to educate, inspire and prepare each student for a life of service and success. Your gift will improve the hands-on learning experience of our students — and make a far-reaching, long-lasting, uplifting impact on our College, our community, our state, our country, and the world.

For all these reasons and more, I invite you to join us and make a gift to the Wilmington College Comprehensive Campaign. We need your support!

Together We RISE.


Trevor M. Bates, DHSc, AT
President, Wilmington College

Comprehensive Campaign Vision

We are striving to make important investments that will benefit students, faculty and staff now and sustain the Wilmington College experience for generations to come. Now is the time for our devoted supporters to help us build on the College’s tradition of preparing students for a life of service and success — and equip Wilmington College to educate and inspire future generations.

Comprehensive Campaign Objective

Through a four-year $45 million comprehensive campaign, Wilmington College donors will touch the lives of students and empower faculty and staff by supporting the following priorities:

Pie chart of the three comprehensive campaign pillars.

Invest In People Icon1. Invest in people ($9 million)

At the core of Wilmington College are the people who live, learn and lead every day with the College’s time-honored values: students, faculty and staff. Together, the people of Wilmington College participate in a liberal-arts learning community that nurtures the growth of the whole person — intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual. The Together We RISE campaign is an opportunity for donors like you to have a direct and positive impact on our community.


Invest in the Living and Learning Environment2. Invest in the living and learning environment ($12 million)

Community is nurtured in the classroom, as well as across the campus — in residence and recreational activities, student organizations and service. Through this campaign, donors will invest in initiatives that create the best possible environment for student life and learning. Capital improvements are planned to improve student living spaces, create productive learning environments and make the Wilmington College campus more welcoming.


Invest in a Sustainable Future3. Invest in a sustainable future ($24 million)

The staff and faculty of Wilmington College have shown they can be nimble and resourceful in the face of challenges. In recent years, the stewards of Wilmington College have worked hard to respond to changes in the educational landscape that affect all colleges and universities. With the help of donors through bolstering the endowment, the College will always be resilient and prepared to address both predictable and unpredictable futures.


Will You Join Us as We RISE?

You are the Quaker difference-maker who can help our people, places, and future RISE. We invite you to invest in our comprehensive campaign today to improve the experience of all Wilmington College students now, and preserve our traditions well into the future? Your support along with our stewardship of your philanthropy will implement this bold vision — Together we RISE.