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Invest in People

Invest in People ($9 Million)

At the core of Wilmington College are the people who live, learn and lead every day with the College’s time-honored values: students, faculty and staff. Together, the people of Wilmington College participate in a liberal-arts learning community that nurtures the growth of the whole person — intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual. The Together We RISE campaign is an opportunity for donors like you to have a direct and positive impact on our community.

Help our people RISE

Students, faculty, and staff make up a diverse community that encompasses Wilmington College's time-tested traditions, respect for all persons and service excellence. From student services to faculty and staff resources, your gift to the Comprehensive Campaign will result in a transformational education that extends beyond school and leads to success.

Scholarship and Financial Aid

  • Student merit-based scholarships
  • Student need-based grants and need-based talent awards

Faculty and Staff Support

  • Faculty Chairs
  • Faculty and Staff salaries
  • Professional development opportunities for faculty and staff
  • Student research and creative works

Hands-on Learning

  • New academic programs
  • Projects that advance innovation in teaching, research, learning and the student experience
  • New online and in-class technology capabilities
  • Technology infrastructure upgrades

Broadening of Students’ Horizons

  • Work-study placements, internships, clinical experiences
  • Study and service trips to Monteverde, Costa Rica
  • Lobbying trips to Washington D.C.
  • Westheimer Peace Symposium

Will You Join Us as We RISE?

You are the Quaker difference-maker who can help our people, places, and future RISE. We invite you to invest in our comprehensive campaign today to improve the experience of all Wilmington College students now, and preserve our traditions well into the future? Your support along with our stewardship of your philanthropy will implement this bold vision — Together we RISE.