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Invest in a Sustainable Future

Invest in a Sustainable Future ($24 Million)

Invest in a Sustainable Future

The staff and faculty of Wilmington College have shown they can be nimble and resourceful in the face of challenges. In recent years, the stewards of Wilmington College have worked hard to respond to changes in the educational landscape that affect all colleges and universities. With the help of donors, the College will always be resilient and prepared to address both predictable and unpredictable futures.

Help our future RISE

Wilmington College is dedicated to adapting to changes and challenges in the educational landscapes, but we're also committed to the traditions and values we've embraced for generations. By giving to the Wilmington College Comprehensive Campaign, you give students a sense of purpose, civic engagement and performance excellence now and in the future.


  • Provide financial security for students and faculty

Annual Fund

  • Provide flexibility to adapt to change, unforeseen challenges and emerging issues
  • Provide steady funding to enhance services to an increasingly diverse student body

Will You Join Us as We RISE?

You are the Quaker difference-maker who can help our people, places, and future RISE. We invite you to invest in our comprehensive campaign today to improve the experience of all Wilmington College students now, and preserve our traditions well into the future? Your support along with our stewardship of your philanthropy will implement this bold vision — Together we RISE.