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Welcome Weekend

Your future in focus... capture the moment!

Welcome Weekend is a 3-day required, yet fun-filled and informative program for all new incoming commuter and residential students. Students follow a set schedule throughout the 3-day program. Welcome Weekend ends on Saturday, followed by some activities on the Collett Mall.

Attendance is required throughout the entire program. Welcome Weekend will address key college success issues, while also providing ample opportunity to make new friends, understand and get a grip of where things are located on campus as well as be immersed in the WC culture.

Past WC student participants said some of their best memories were made during Welcome Weekend

Welcome Weekend Schedule for First Year Students

Welcome Weekend Schedule for Transfer Students

All First-Year Students are required to attend all 3 days of the Welcome Weekend and Transfer Students are required to attend Friday's sessions and activities, but are welcome to attend all 3 days.

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