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Orientation & Registration

Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR)

Welcome home! You are each about to embark upon an exciting and life-changing experience. You may be full of excitement, yet fearful about the unknown. You may have a lot of questions. Who will my new friends be? What will my professors be like? Will I pass my classes? Who will I eat with at the TOP? What will my roommate be like? How will I ever survive on my own? Orientation will help you answer these questions and more! You will be in a group full of other students who are asking the same questions, feeling the same anticipation, and the same anxieties. Orientation will be just what the doctor ordered. You'll begin meeting people who will become friends for life. You'll have a better understanding of what to expect in the classroom and actually begin to feel like a REAL WC student.

All New Students are REQUIRED to attend our 2-step Orientation Program.


All New Students are REQUIRED to attend our 2-step Student Orientation & Registration (SOAR) Program.

This includes:

  • A ONE DAY Summer Registration program
  • A 3-Day Fall Orientation program


Parent involvement plays a key role in the academic success of students during their college years. For this reason, Wilmington College conducts a Parent & Family Orientation that runs concurrently with the new student summer orientation program.


Fall Orientation is a 3-day required, yet fun-filled and informative program for all new incoming community and residential students. Students report on Thursday, August 19 and will follow a set schedule throughout the 3-day program.


We want your transition from your previous institution to WC to be as smooth as possible, so plan to take advantage of the entire Orientation program from beginning to end.