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Commuter Students

Study Areas and Computers for Commuter Students

The College recognizes that some commuter students may have schedules when a face-to-face course is followed immediately by a course that requires synchronous online participation. In such cases, commuter students may use one of several spaces to connect and participate.

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Pyle Center

  • The main lobby has table and chairs for study or lounging.
  • Margaret Thomas Lounge is equipped with computers, tables, chairs, TV, and comfortable seating.
  • The Underground houses the game room, tables, chairs, microwave, TV, and comfortable seating

Pyle Center Information

Robinson Communication Center

Several computers in the main study room of the Student Resource Center (RCC 108) are equipped with cameras and microphones. For more discrete participation with closed door (for when the student might be required to speak), two separate rooms with computers and cameras are available. Finally, two other closed-door rooms are available for students who may bring their own laptops to use. Sign-up sheets are available to reserve one of these spaces.

Several private and semi-private spaces are available in the Student Success Lounge (RCC 114). Students should bring their own laptops. Sign-up sheets are available to reserve one of these spaces.

Watson Library

Several computers have been equipped with cameras for student use (you will need to bring your own headphones/microphone. In addition, students who bring their own laptops will find several semi-private locations throughout the main floor. Check the Library website for hours and availability.