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Employee Matching Gifts

Workplace giving is a powerful tool that is available to you. You can double your donation and support causes and organizations like ours that you care about. It is sometimes referred to as an “employee matching gift”, and each year billions of dollars are donated to charities.

This is an easy and efficient way to make your gift even more powerful by doubling your gift with the help of your employer. It is also tax-deductible donation through a designation, or automatic payroll deduction, and since many employers match the employee contribution, workplace giving allows you to directly influence your company’s philanthropic endeavors.

This is truly a wonderful way to increase your giving capacity, so please check with your employer and ask about workplace giving. It’s that easy. You can check online with your company’s website, or contact your Human Resources Department for information on how you may participate in this wonderful opportunity to make a difference in your community or cause.