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Corporate Partners

The Corporate Partners program is a collaborative effort between Wilmington College and the business community. This initiative will identify strategic partnership opportunities that will connect students, faculty and business leaders. By strengthening our relationships, we will build strong brand awareness in our communities and help shape the business leaders of tomorrow.

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Strategic Partnerships

As Wilmington College celebrates its 150th Anniversary, it is easy to look back and realize how important our relationship is with the local and regional business community. We are all stronger when the College and community work together in a mutually beneficial relationship.

One of our most impactful strategic community partnerships involves our Center for Sport Sciences. Through our relationship with Clinton Memorial Hospital, Beacon Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Rohlfs Chiropractic Care and Drayer Physical Therapy Institute, this facility is the epitome of a public-private partnership. It serves both the local community and is a resource for our students to experience real-life hands-on learning opportunities outside of the classroom without leaving campus.

Our Corporate Partners program offers many ways for your company to connect with Wilmington College students and faculty. Whether you are interested in project-specific initiatives, guest lecturing opportunities or student tours and visits, we can tailor a program that is right for you. We all benefit when students, faculty and the business community are able to connect through meaningful partnership opportunities.


Wilmington College is responding to workforce needs by partnering with employers in teaching students 21st century skills. This work experience enables students to integrate knowledge and theory learned in the classroom with practical application and skills development in a professional setting. When employers treat an internship program as an investment in recruitment and training and are willing to give interns an opportunity to work with experienced professionals, they frequently will get valuable production from the students or others working with the interns.

Whether you are in the beginning stages of developing your internship program or want to enhance or improve your existing program, Wilmington College’s Career Services offers you support in increasing your bottom line, talent development through our Strengths Based Professional Development Program.


  1. Fill a specific skill needed in your organization
  2. Add fresh ideas and new perspectives to the organization
  3. Reduce turnover and need for re-training
  4. Help train your future workers
  5. Add staff who are up to date on latest technology
  6. Create a future opportunity to hire talent that is familiar with your company, policies, and culture
  7. Give your mid-level staff members opportunity to manage interns and develop leadership skills
  8. Add a key component to a diversity or inclusion recruitment strategy
  9. Create a qualified and abundant talent pipeline


Total Alumni on Linkedin


Alumni Working In Region

There has been a significant growth in student and employer involvement in internships with most employers using internships as a recruitment and retention tool. Wilmington College Career Services can help you build a successful Internship Program that can increase your bottom line of talent development for your organization.

Athletic Sponsorships

At Wilmington College, athletics teaches one about the more important game of life and helps prepare our hard-working student-athletes for success well beyond the classroom and playing fields.

Our coaches and student-athletes prepare daily to win games, meets and championships while experiencing the thrill of competing simply for the love for the game. In order to provide our 400+ student-athletes with a quality NCAA Division III experience, there are many ways in which your support makes a direct impact each and every day. Some of these critical areas include:

  1. Practice & Training facility upgrades
  2. Improving & enhancing technology and equipment needs that will help our coaches and student-athletes have the best opportunity for success
  3. Attracting and retaining the best possible coaches, assistants and administrators.
  4. Enhanced travel opportunities for tournaments and competitions

There are a number of different ways that community-minded business partners, like yours, can get involved in supporting Wilmington College athletics:

  1. Direct support through the Wilmington College Athletic Fund
  2. Events Sponsorships
  3. Team-specific funding initiatives
  4. Capital & facility project initiatives

Whether you are a long-time supporter or you are considering your first gift, your support will make a direct impact on the success of our 400+ student-athletes. Thank you!

Developing & Enhancing Your Talent Pipeline


Recruitment and internships are the anchors in connecting the dots by linking people, performance, and strategy.

Many executives are experiencing talent shortage in key areas that are essential to innovation and growth. There is a strong connection between acquiring new talent and the perception in the marketplace that the company is committed to its employees and career growth. Companies that are committed to career growth are especially appealing to our students today. Wilmington College can provide added support in identifying and developing your new leaders through a recruitment pool and a professional development internship program. Companies that can implement an integrated talent management program are gaining a competitive edge. Wilmington College is committed to providing “Hands-On Learning” opportunities to our students so they are better prepared to succeed after graduation.

Our Corporate Partners Program is designed to bring key stakeholders together including Students, Faculty and Business Leaders in a variety of ways:


  1. Career Fairs/Hiring Events
  2. Professional Development Days
  3. Internships
  4. Guest lecture / classroom opportunities
  5. On-site company visits or Alumni events

Corporate Partners in the Community