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WILpay Information

Understanding Your WILpay Student Account

Wilmington College has partnered with Transact to provide a secure website for all your student financial account needs, we call this WILpay. Here you will see your billing statements, account activity, set up payment plans and more.


Add an Authorized Payer

Parents do not initially have access to the WILpay system; however, the student can set up authorized payers (mom, dad, or any other third party the student chooses) with a Parent PIN. The parent or authorized user will have access to everything on the student account except Direct Deposit Refunds and Authorized Payer set up. They will also receive email notifications of billing statements at the same time the student receives their notification.

View Billing Statements / Account Activity

Students will receive an email notification to their Wilmington College email when a new billing statement has been generated to be viewed in the WILpay account. Fall billing statements will be available by July 1 and due on July 20 each year. Spring billing statements are available by December 1 and due on December 20.

To view the most up-to-date account information for charges and payment, students will want to view the Account Details.

Make Online Payments

Under the “Overview” section, select “Make a payment” at the bottom of the screen. The term with a balance due will be available. If paying the full amount due select “Continue” at the bottom of the page. If you would like to pay a different amount, simply change the amount before selecting “Continue”. Any saved payment methods will be available to select in the drop down or a new bank account or credit/debit card can be used. Once you have chosen the method of payment, select “Continue” and follow the steps to complete the payment. If paying with a checking or savings account, there is no fee for the transaction. If using a credit or debit card, a 2.75% convenience fee is charged.

Installment Payment Plan (IPP)

The IPP is an online only payment plan. The IPP must be set up each semester and divides your semester balance into five equal payments. The payments are due on the 20th of the month July 20th – November 20th for fall semester and December 20th – April 20th for spring semester. There is a $25 fee for late or missed payments. There is an option to have your payments automatically withdrawn each month. See the full Terms & Conditions when signing up for the IPP.

Request Electronic Refunds

Students expecting a credit on their student account due to overage of Federal, Private or Parent Plus loans will need to sign up for Direct Deposit Refunds. Once all financial aid and loans have posted, Wilmington College will refund the overage through direct deposit into your checking or savings account. To sign up for direct deposit refunds, navigate to the “Overview” page, select the “Sign Up” button in the “Sign up for Direct Deposit Refunds” box and follow the steps to complete the process.