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New Initiatives

Q: What new initiatives are being put in place to help generate more revenue for the College?

A: Because new programs take a LONG time in our industry to materialize (primarily relating to external approvals) and get launched, there's a need for some quick start-up initiatives to hold the line until the new long-term programs come online. Therefore, we are launching a mixture of short- and long-term initiatives.

Short-Term Initiatives:

  • Adding Wrestling: recruiting immediately for first season in 18-19
    • 60% of all incoming freshman are interested in playing a sport
    • Ohio is a hot bed for wrestling
    • Low startup overhead
    • Creating designated practice space and full time head coach
  • Hiring 5 Athletics Interns: Dedicated to growing squad size, specifically for some of our smaller athletic programs, these interns will primarily focus on recruiting new students and must meet established recruiting goals.
  • Capital upgrades to drive retention of current students and create a stronger first impression among prospective students. This will include:
    • Furniture and bathroom upgrades in Austin Pickett residence halls. Studies show that upgrades to public spaces and bathrooms have the largest impact on satisfaction and retention.
    • Renovations to the Quaker Recreation Center (former YMCA) will make it home to physical fitness/recreation activities of the campus. Renovations will include: designated spaces for a spinning and aerobics classes, and new treadmills and elliptical equipment.

Mid-Term Initiatives:

  • Adding in-demand activities and programming:
    • Ag Livestock judging team. A large portion of Ag students compete in this in high school and are interested in having a team on campus. WC currently hosts the largest livestock judging event east of the Mississippi so it only makes sense that we too should have an Ag livestock judging team.
    • Broaden Ag concentrations
    • Developing new concentrations in the Business major. Currently investigating financial analysis program with the Math Department.
    • Strengthen Chemistry/Biology department through community partnerships in which WC has the potential to offer internships and guaranteed job placement.
    • Develop 2+2 programs in biotechnology concentrations under Biology in conjunction with Sinclair Community College and Southern State Community College.
  • International Recruitment Efforts –
    • Hire a designated International Recruiting Coordinator.
    • Provide budgetary support to enable growth in international enrollment.
  • Differential Pricing of Housing and Meal Plans will be implemented in 2018 – 19 New meal plans offer new value for residents and provide for greater student interactions. Renovations to campus residential facilities will enhance the WC living / learning experience.
  • Retention Initiatives – funded through Title III $1.9 MM grant

Long-Term Initiatives

  • Masters in Athletic Training
    • Required by governing body
    • Online in 2020
    • Reinforces one of our signature programs
    • Offers significant market growth opportunity for WC
  • Occupational Therapy
    • Next signature program for the College
    • Aligns with allied health and science offerings that have been strengthened with new facilities.
    • Strong market growth – market growth of 27% anticipated between 2014 – 2024 (much faster than average)
    • Median Pay = $81,900
    • Only 4 other schools in Ohio offering bachelor’s level program
    • Pending approvals, online and enrolling 2019-2020

Q: How will these initiatives help WC be more competitive?

A: After careful study of the shifting market place and an evaluation of many of our peers, we have identified several campus initiatives and what we believe is programing that has a proven employment market (both outlined in Q21) that will drive student applications, retention and satisfaction and enhance the student educational experience.

Q: Do we expect these programs to attract additional applicants as well as retain current students?

A: Yes. The new initiatives are directly pinned to specific enrollment Key Performance Indicators (KPI). These KPIs will be reviewed quarterly for performance and each program is expected to increase enrollment or retention.

Q: When do we expect these new initiatives to begin generating revenue?

A: The short-term initiatives will start generating some revenue in FY17-18 with larger revenue gains anticipated in subsequent years. The cumulative impact of all the new programs is forecast to have a net impact of $2.4MM in FY20-21.

Q: Why are we spending more money on Athletics instead of retaining staff?

A: More than half of the students come to WC intending to play a sport, and data clearly shows that athletes retain better than non-athletes.

Q: What if I have an idea for generating more revenue for the College? With whom should I discuss this?

A: You may either present your idea to your immediate supervisor or provide the information directly to a member of the Working Group for discussion by that group, which includes all members of the President's Council and President Jim Reynolds. In addition, you may also send questions or ideas via this form.