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RISE Vision

RISE Vision

Strategic Plan 2021-2026

Wilmington RISE: Now, Near & Far!

"Wilmington College is rising! Wilmington offers a strong array of complementary academic programs in a student-centered environment that includes high quality faculty and staff, hands-on learning, real world connections and challenging liberal arts curriculum integrated with career preparation. Since Wilmington College's founding in 1870, talented faculty and staff have been educating and inspiring students to make a positive difference through serving their communities." - President Trevor M. Bates, 2020

Recognize & Respond to opportunities to effectively market and communicate WC's mission, vision and Quaker values.

Inspire & Invest in WC people, programs, technology and infrastructure

Shape & Strengthen the WC community by enhancing resources, recognition and engagement

Effectively  Educate all WC students in a comprehensive, cohesive, relevant educational environment where students learn and launch their personal and professional lives.


The President will begin inclusive, reflective and honest conversations within the Wilmington College community that result in RISE becoming a rolling strategic plan with:

1. Specific Measurable Assignable Realistic Time-Related (SMART) Initiatives (goals)
I. Responsible parties (PC members) and partners
II. Defined timelines
III. Identified resources

2. An annual communication structure will be developed to demonstrate how the strategic plan is assessed, communicated and updated.

Proposed Timeframes PHASE I: COMPLETED SUMMER 2021

I. NOW (1-9 months) beginning Jan. 1, 2021:

  • Evaluate and close out the 2015-2020 Strategic Plan
  • President will share his strategic vision, WC: RISE
  • President will articulate and refine aspirational goals in conversation with the community which will serve as a foundation for the College's future planning
  • The community will establish and begin implementing "SMART" initiatives to support the aspirational goals.

II. NEAR (9-36 months): transitional initiatives are completed

III. FAR (36-60 months): transformational initiatives are completed

WC will continue to RISE: Now, near and far!

Motto from the College Seal:

"Non saltu sed multis gradibus" (Latin)

"Not by a leap, but by many steps" (English)