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Committee & Charge

The RISE Strategic Planning Steering Committee


The RISE Strategic Planning Steering Committee members will include:

  • Clerk – Erika Goodwin
  • Students – Ariana Riccardi, Brittanie Clair and Brandon Tumlin
  • Faculty – Paul Moke (undergraduate) and Cindy Hahn (graduate)
  • Staff – Sara Scott and Libby Hayes
  • Senior administration – Blake Faulkner, Dennis Kelly, Sylvia Stevens, Brad Mitchell, Cole Dawson, Joe Bull, Shah Hasan, Sigrid Solomon, Terry Rupert and Michael Allbright
  • Board members – Evan Williams and Evans Nwankwo

The committee will be supported by staff including:

  • Administrative Support - Tammi Carpenter, Library – Lucinda Chandler, Information Technology – Kristen Zeller, and Diversity & Inclusion – Chip Murdock.

The College will look to committee members to demonstrate a deep commitment to the College and its core values; respect to peers; an ability to work collaboratively with colleagues; and a willingness to serve as advocates for the planning process.

The RISE Strategic Planning Steering Committee will guide, monitor, and advance the strategic planning process, setting the foundation for the next five years and more at Wilmington College.


The RISE Strategic Planning Steering Committee’s charge is to:

  • Review and analyze the various initiatives proposed and presented by the faculty and staff as part of the integrated program review process.
  • Review, deliberate on, and respond to findings from all methods of data collection, including narratives from meetings and survey results.
  • Oversee additional data gathering with college constituents, as needed.
  • Maintain regular and open communication with the college community regarding the strategic planning process and important findings and conclusions emerging from the process.
  • Identify and prioritize the initiatives that best position the College to advance its mission, vision, and core values as the best ways to achieve the Aspirational Goals of Wilmington College.
  • Present a draft strategic plan to the president for final review and presentation to the Board in July 2021.