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Mission and Vision

Quaker Heritage Center


Quaker values and testimonies of equality, social justice, integrity, peace, simplicity, and community unify and strengthen our campus, local, and global communities.


The Quaker Heritage Center of Wilmington College educates present and future generations of diverse audiences about historic and living traditions and concerns of the Religious Society of Friends.

Purpose Statement

The Center educates by acquiring, preserving, displaying, and interpreting artifacts; by creating an online presence; by providing tours, presentations, lectures, activities, and programs on site; and by outreach activities.

Core Values

  1. To be faithful in our representation of Quaker history and heritage.
  2. To share the living traditions of Quakerism.
  3. To invite understanding and appreciation of Quaker heritage, history, and traditions, especially Wilmington College students.
  4. To welcome and engage all who enter.
  5. To provide opportunities for contemplation and reflection.
  6. To commit to ongoing assessment/evaluation for improvement.
  7. To commit to professional museum standards of collections care and management.

Educational Values

  1. To be a resource and referral center for the Wilmington College community in its academic pursuits.
  2. To be a resource and referral center for our audiences in discovering the history of Quakers (Religious Society of Friends) in this region.
  3. To educate our constituencies about Quaker values and testimonies, including testimonies on equality, integrity, peace, simplicity, and community.
  4. To educate and inspire our audiences about the living traditions of Quakers past and present, and their vision for the future.
  5. To educate our audiences about the influence that Quakerism has had and continues to have on American and other societies.
  6. To contribute to fulfilling the mission of Wilmington College as a Quaker institution.