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Hands-on learning in the laboratory is at the heart of our broad-based biology major, which is designed to prepare you to excel in graduate and professional school, teaching biology and immediately entering a science-related industry. You will graduate from our program with a major research experience, which is rare on the undergraduate level. This, along with such unique courses as bioethics, is especially impressive when you apply for graduate and professional school or enter the job market. You will gain practical experience independently using a wide range of molecular and DNA instrumentation in the laboratory setting. Also, engaging in internships, learning how to interpret and analyze complex problems, and presenting research at scholarly conferences will all serve to enhance your knowledge, skills and marketability.

Choose from these five concentration options:

Natural Science Department at Wilmington College

Embark on a visual journey showcasing our labs, hands-on experiences, students and faculty that make Wilmington College's Natural Science programs truly outstanding - discover the opportunities awaiting in biology, environmental science, chemistry, mathematics, and more.


Credits to earn a Major (depending on concentration)


Credits to earn a Minor


of respondents stated that they were employed six months post-graduation from Wilmington College.

(Fall 2021 Student Survey)

Biology Core Curriculum

Here’s a sample of the coursework you will complete for the Biology major.

BI100/100G Topics in Biology
BI130 First Year Seminar in Biology
BI131 Human Nutrition
BI203 Human Biology
BI230 Biological Sciences I
BI231 Biological Sciences II
BI330 Animal Diversity

Degree Requirements

Program Format:
On Campus
Credits Required:
53-54 Depending on concentration
Time to Complete:
Four years


Hands On In The Lab

Your lab coat and goggles will definitely come in handy in our biology labs. In Spring 2022, our students studied the effects that environment play on mice. The students constructed two environments: one with lots of engaging activities and one that was sparser, then they recorded their findings. Hands-on research is an almost daily experience for our biology students, and they have the chance to present that research to their peers, faculty and staff members of the College at the annual Student Research Forum. This helps you build on your critical thinking, oral and written communication, collaboration and professionalism.

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