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Accounting concerns the collection, processing and reporting of information about the financial performance of economic organizations. The demand for this information arises from many sources including the need for management to report to owners and shareholders, the need to make decisions that promote the success of the organization and the need to comply with tax laws and other legal requirements. The accounting program at Wilmington College is designed to prepare students for a wide variety of career options in public accounting, industry and government. In recognition of the role of accountants in today's economy, the program emphasizes the development of both the ability to use the outputs of the accounting process and the skills necessary to design, operate and manage accounting information systems.

Accounting Core Curriculum

Here’s a sample of the coursework you will complete for the Accounting major.

Course NumberCourse Name
AC230 Financial Accounting
AC231 Managerial Accounting
EC130 Principles Of Economics I: Microeconomics
EC131 Principles OF Economics II: Macroeconomics
EC334 Business Statistics I
EC335 Business Statistics II
MA230 Introduction To Management And Organizations
MK230 Introduction To Marketing

Degree Requirements

Program Format:
On Campus or Online
Credits Required:
56 to earn a major / 24 to earn a minor
Time to Complete:
8 Semesters


Faculty Spotlight

Learn from faculty members who offer a diverse background of educational and professional experience. As mentors, they can help you develop your interests, network with industry contacts and find internships.



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