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Sinclair Community College and WC Partner For Biotechnology Degree

Sinclair Grads Can Seamlessly Transfer into WC's Biotech Program Wilmington College and Sinclair Community College have entered into a partnership agreement designed to enhance higher education opportunities in the biotechnology field for students of both institutions. Effective with the 2017-18 academic year, students who have completed Sinclair’s Associate of Applied Science degree in biotechnology can easily enroll at Wilmington College in pursuit of a Bachelor of Science degree in biology with a concentration in biotechnology. While the agreement includes requirements such as a minimum 2.0 cumulative, grade point average, the goal is a seamless transfer for Sinclair graduates into WC’s baccalaureate degree program, according to Wilmington College’s Dr. Erika Goodwin, vice president for academic affairs. She said both institutions recognize biotechnology as a promising career option and added that the sciences represent an academic area in which both WC and Sinclair excel. Indeed, Wilmington College last year opened its new Center for the Sciences and Agriculture as the largest academic facility on campus. “Biotechnology is a 21st century career that offers numerous employment advantages,” Goodwin said. “Students at both institutions have the benefit of excellent science departments and, in the case of our articulation agreement, it represents literally a symbiotic relationship between WC and Sinclair that fosters student success.” Susan Luken, Sinclair associate professor of biology/biotechnology, said, Sinclair’s students are excited about “the opportunity to easily transition” to a four-year college to continue their education. Goodwin noted that Wilmington College’s Transfer Advantage program will apply to Sinclair students. WC has instituted a policy, effective fall 2018, in which students who have been admitted to the College possessing either an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree from a regionally accredited institution, like Sinclair, will have fulfilled their general education requirements at WC and likely be admitted with junior class status. This would allow most students to finish their bachelor’s degree in two years, and, with their general education requirements completed while attending a two-year school, have the opportunity to add a minor or second major while at WC.