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Prez-Mobile Debuts at Saturday Soccer Match

Bates Family Purchases Branded Cart to Promote WC Talk about a grand entrance. President Trevor Bates and his family arrived at the men's soccer match with Marietta Saturday evening in style — Wilmington College style! They entered through the stadium's east gate and drove halfway around the track to the home grandstand side in a motorized, four-person, well, Prez-Mobile. PICTURED: President Trevor Bates is all smiles as he debuts the Prez-Mobile. He's at the wheel with passengers Kassandra, the College's First Lady, and their children, Ethan and Liam. The electric-powered cart is decked out in Wilmington College lime and dark green featuring an image of Quakerman emblazoned on the hood, the logo on the sides, the icon on the roof and a portrait of College Hall on the back window. The Bates family purchased the Prez-Mobile as a means to promote the College in a fun and entertaining manner, as well as for the transportation advantages it offers. The street-legal vehicle will be seen in future parades in Wilmington and around campus, where the president will offer tours to special guests. Indeed, WC students who accomplish great things might find themselves invited to take a joy ride. Also, the Prez-Mobile gives President Trevor the opportunity to (almost) be two places at once when special gatherings and events coincide or are scheduled back-to-back. In the event one doesn't notice the impending presence of the Prez-Mobile rambling across the campus, it features a unique horn — and the driver's not afraid to use it!