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Summer Registration

Aug. 9, 2022

Parent involvement plays a key role in the academic success of students during their college years. For this reason, Wilmington College conducts a Parent & Family Registration which runs concurrently with the new student Summer Registration program. While family members are not required to attend the Summer Registration, past participants indicated the program eased anxiety, provided a panel of current parents of current students, provided individual information for financial aid and billing, gave ample opportunities to discuss concerns and had their questions answered.

Why should Parents and Family members attend summer Registration?

According to College Parents of America, there are several important reasons to attend Parent Orientation.

  • You will learn important campus specific information. Learn about important issues, personal development and academic success of your student
  • You will meet key college contacts. Meet faculty, staff, and students and learn about academic expectations, student support services and campus involvement
  • You will meet other parents and learn what it means to be a member of the Wilmington College community
  • You will get a sense of the place where your student will be spending time.
  • Learn about student code of conduct, campus policies and procedures, including Title IX.
  • Ask face-to-face questions regarding financial aid, campus activities, athletics, etc.
  • You will have more information for conversations with your student.
  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you will send an important message to your student that you are interested in their education and that you want to be involved in what they will be doing for the next few years. Your presence sends your student an important, and lasting, message.

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