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Postage Requirements

All mail must have a department name and/or department number in the return address. The Mail Room is unable to charge the correct departments on business reply mail and postage due mail, and it also prohibits its ability to return this mail. Do not use letters with the address on the back of the mail. The post office only scans the front of the letter and then forwards the item to the recipient. They return a scanned copy of the front of the letter with an address correction attached that allows us to update our files. The address being on the back again leaves the mail room without the ability to track where this mail needs to be returned and charged to.

All mail that has flaps on the side of the envelope instead of across the top is required to be sealed prior to delivery to the mail room. The mail machine is unable to seal mail that has flaps on the side.

Shape-based pricing for first-class mail

  • Maximum size for postcards:  6” long x 4 ¼” high x 0.016” thick
  • Maximum size for letters: 11 ½” long x 6 1/8” high x ¼” thick
  • Maximum size for large envelopes:  15” long x 12’ high x ¾” thick

All mail must be rectangular, flexible and uniform in thickness. If the piece does not meet these requirements, the mail is charged as a package.

If items exceed these limits they are charged at the next highest rate. Examples:

  1. letter too thick, is charged as a flat
  2. necklace placed in an envelope, is charged as a package
  3. flats that are rigid cardboard type, charged as a package

Minimum mail size: 5” long x 3 ½” high x 0.007” thick