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National Society of Leadership & Success (NSLS )

A New Honor Society

We are pleased to share that Wilmington College has established a chapter with The National Society of Leadership and Success for its students. Dr. Nina L. Talley, Director of Career Services will serve as the Chapter Advisor, helping to facilitate the five-step leadership program online.

FALL 2021 Induction Ceremony NSLS Officer Training NSLS Brochure & Benefits

What is the National Society of Leadership & Success (NSLS)?

The National Society of Leadership and Success is the largest leadership honor society in the United States. Our NSLS chapter at Wilmington College was started in 2020 and has 167 members as of 2021. We are also part of the national organization with 700+ chapters and over 1.4 million members.

NSLS differentiates itself from traditional honor societies in that students must complete a step-by-step leadership development program in order to become inducted. The curriculum offers students the opportunity to develop many in-demand skills such as leadership, communication, and team building. They will also have the opportunity to complete additional educational modules in order to earn credit for their work with NSLS.

  1. Orientation: This is the first step of the program for new members to learn the steps of the program and the expectations for the rest of the program.
  2. Leadership Training Day: Members complete an interactive video training session where they identify goals and overcome obstacles.
  3. Three Speaker Broadcast Events: Live streamed events with leaders, celebrities and best-selling authors are scheduled six times per year and available on-demand.
  4. Three Success Networking Team Meetings: Members are assigned to small peer groups and meet bi-weekly to set goals and hold each other accountable.
  5. Induction: Members receive their Foundations of Leadership Certificate honoring their achievement and lifetime membership into NSLS.

Who is invited to join NSLS?

Candidacy is determined by the local Chapter Leaders. For the Wilmington College Chapter, students must have a 2.5 GPA for nomination.

What are the benefits to students?

  • Scholarships & Awards: NSLS members have access to over a quarter-million dollars in exclusive scholarships and awards.
  • Job Bank: Members can apply to jobs/internships and have access to employers seeking to hire NSLS members.
  • Partner Discounts & Benefits: Discounts on many retail goods and services.
  • Custom Recommendations: Members receive personalized letters for graduate admissions officers and employers.
  • Professional Communication Training: A professionally administered communication assessment tool (DISC) helps to identify communication style, recognize and appreciate other styles, and prepares how to interact effectively with others.
  • Nationwide Network: Members will join over a million members at over 650 colleges in a network of support and motivation.

What are NSLS's College Credits?

The Credit Pathway is a flexible, self-paced program that can be done in conjunction with the Certificate Pathway. This pathway provides personal access to skill-building materials, interactive exercises and instructional webinars that lead to interactive assessments within our Learning Management System.

Students desiring to earn credit for the Foundations of Leadership must first enroll in the Credit Pathway where they’ll be given access to five additional leadership modules. Most students complete their credit coursework in parallel with the Certificate Pathway; however, students can complete the coursework post-certificate or post-induction. Once the coursework from the Credit Pathway and the Certificate Pathways are complete, the student will receive a transcript for 1.0 credit

Students who would like to transfer this credit to Wilmington College should seek approval before taking this course. Each university or college is unique in their own decision-making about transfer credits and therefore, we cannot guarantee the courses will count. Students can reach out to the NSLS Education Team should they need any resources or information when seeking approval for the transfer of credits.

The learnings of the course help students to showcase their leadership in new ways. Should students have any questions about their coursework, please direct them to the NSLS Education Team at

If you are interested in learning more about the Wilmington College NSLS chapter, please contact Dr. Nina L. Talley, Chapter Advisor at