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Wilmington College Brand

Wilmington College is a highly respected liberal arts college in southwestern Ohio and beyond. Its solid visual brand, consistently and creatively applied, communicates Wilmington College’s values effectively, increases its visibility and builds on its fine academic reputation.

To create and maintain a strong brand for Wilmington College, it is vital that we deliver our brand consistently. An important part of this is maintaining a consistent visual brand across all our communications – providing our audiences with a set of compelling visual associations that communicate our value quickly and effectively.

If you should have questions about anything in this Brand Identity website page, please contact the Director of Public Relations or email

This Brand Identity Guidelines Manual has been created to help you promote Wilmington College by providing you with the knowledge and tools to market the college with maximum positive impact. The logos, color palettes and typefaces that
make up the College’s visual brand identity system are explained in detail. When used correctly, these tools will effectively communicate Wilmington College’s excellence and strengthen our brand in a very competitive education marketplace.

Contents of the Brand Guidelines Manual


  • 1-1 Why brand guidelines
  • 1-2 How to use these guidelines
  • 1-3 Our name and Tagline


  • 2-1 What distinguishes the Wilmington College brand
  • 2-3 The Wilmington College voice
  • 2-5 The Wilmington College message platform
  • 2-11 Audiences
  • 2-14 Brand values


  • 3-1 Visual definitions
  • 3-2 Wilmington College logo
  • 3-4 The rules of logo usage
  • 3-19 Icon usage
  • 3-24 Color palette
  • 3-28 Typography
  • 3-31 Photography


  • 4-1 Brochure Example
  • 4-2 Stationery Example
  • 4-3 Promograph
  • 4-4 Templates
  • 4-6 Email Signature
  • 4-7 Powerpoint Template

Section 5: Apparel

  • 5-1 Shirt with Logo
  • 5-2 Wilmington College
  • 5-3 Wilmington College with Descriptor
  • 5-4 Circular Application
  • 5-5 Distressed Application
  • 5-6 College Seal
  • 5-7 Athletic Subcategories
  • 5-8 Approved Apparel Designs

Section 6: Athletic Uniforms