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Special Programs

Special Academic Programs

Articulation Programs

Wilmington College offers a variety of programs and transfer credits through special agreements and articulations with other institutions.

Articulation Program Site

Asian Rural Institute Summer Internship

Asian Rural Institute (in Tochigi, Japan) is a global sustainable agricultural community that is run through integrated organic farming techniques, community building, and servant leadership. It is community based, and hands-on learning is emphasized in all areas.


Honors Program

The Honors Program at Wilmington College is designed to enrich the academic experience of qualified students with special sections of courses, interdisciplinary seminars, opportunities for leadership and civic engagement, and a senior project.

Honors Program Site

Peace Corps Prep Program

Peace Corps Prep Program is a partner program between the Peace Corps and Wilmington College.

Peace Corps Prep Site

Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-professional programs at Wilmington College prepare students to be competitive candidates for graduate school programs, such as chiropractic school, veterinary school, medical school, dental school, law school, and others.

Pre-Professional Programs Site

Study Abroad

Take courses at a school outside the United States and get credit at Wilmington College.

Study Abroad Site