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Conference Services

Space is available for use within the WC community at no charge. Outside organizations will be charged a fee to rent WC space. Conference Services reserves the right to negotiate said fees. Outside organizations are considered any organization or person not affiliated with Wilmington College or any group or organization affiliated with Wilmington College but using space for a fundraising or for-profit event.

The College’s policy dictating the order of priority for room assignments is as follows:

  • First Priority: Academic courses and annual events
  • Second Priority: Outside organizations renting WC space
  • Third Priority: President and Senior Staff
  • Fourth Priority: WC-sponsored events

Within this prioritization process, rooms are reserved on a first come, first served basis with the exception of Heiland House and Firbank Fell which are available on a first come, first served basis with no prioritization.

Student organizations may use Heiland House only with the direct supervision of their advisors. Advisors must sign a document which claims that, at the conclusion of the event, condition of premises is the sole responsibility of said student organization and the organization’s advisor. If excessive cleanup or damage has resulted from a student organization’s use of the space, the organization and the advisor will be held responsible to pay fees to make the premises whole.

Once courses are assigned, event requests are confirmed in the order they were received.

Room Setup

The tables and chairs in each space are permanent to that room, but may be arranged to suit the organization’s reasonable needs so long as the organization gives at least one week written notice to Conference Services. The College cannot guarantee the availability of additional tables/chairs for your event. There are limited amounts of excess furniture available. If existing furniture does not meet the need of your event, either in number or in aesthetics, please work with Conference Services for assistance in ordering rental equipment for an additional charge.

Campus Safety is responsible for all opening and closing of spaces.

Audio-Visual Equipment & Wifi

Use of space entitles the organization to use the technology (projector and screen) that exists in the space. No other equipment is included in the basic rental fee. For additional technology support services, there will be associated fees. Coordination and planning of such services will need to be made through the Media Center. Outside organizations will work with Conference Services for assistance in scheduling audio-visual equipment and setup.

Wilmington College guests must coordinate wireless access with Conference Services

Food & Beverages


There shall be no alcohol served, sold or consumed in the space, except in the four facilities that have been approved for alcohol consumption:

  • The Campus Village
  • The College Commons
  • Firbank Fell
  • Heiland House

Such permission may be granted only if the WC organization obtains all authorizations. All outside organizations will not serve alcohol unless all required permits or other authorizations have been obtained, and if the organization’s caterer obtains insurance satisfactory to Wilmington College.


Internal (WC) groups/organizations should contact Sodexo directly to schedule event catering needs. Outside organizations will work with Conference Services for assistance in scheduling any catering needs.


Cleaning Fees

General Cleaning fees will be worked into the cost of the rental. Additional fees may be charged for excessive clean-up and damage.