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STEM Society

It is the purpose of STEM Society to encourage students in math and science majors in their discovery of new knowledge as it relates to their career paths.

Executive Board

  • President - Courtney Luderman
  • Vice President - Janese Marbury
  • Treasurer - Hannah Houseknecht
  • Secretary - Jen Chochran
  • Advisor - Liz Haynes-Wiget

Student Experience

“I’m glad there is a club on campus that shares my interests in the STEM areas. The members help each other achieve academic excellence.” - Spencer Wilcox

“STEM Society sounds official and uptight, but it is one of the most laid back, accepting groups on campus. As long as you want to have fun while exploring science, you belong in this group. Plus, there always seems to be great food at our meetings which helps bring us together!” - Layne Frederick 

“I joined STEM Society because I love science and I love meeting new people. I really enjoy the activities that we do as a club. The activities are fun, and you have the opportunity to meet new people.” - Alora Pratt