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Student Government Association

It is the responsibility of Wilmington College's SGA to serve as the representative voice of the student population; to encourage understanding and respect for the Quaker tradition of peace, service, and inner direction; to recognize and aid worthy student organizations; and to promote pride in the College. The SGA seeks to serve all the students' desires for improved student services and academic programs, as well as to promote honest and open communications among students, faculty, administrators, and staff. The SGA Steering Committee is also responsible for the allocation of the student activity fee. All registered and enrolled students of Wilmington College main campus are members of the Student Government Association.

Any member of the SGA has the right to present a concern or grievance in accordance with the SGA Bylaws (Article I, Section I). Any member of SGA has the right to appeal a decision in accordance with the SGA Bylaws (Article I, Section II).

The SGA Board meets every Tuesday afternoon at 4:15 in Thomas Lounge (Pyle Center). All students, faculty, and staff are welcome to attend.

2022-23 SGA Board

  • Student Body President - Courtney Luderman
  • Student Body Vice President - Samantha Riggan
  • Vice President of Administration - Levi Hartschuh
  • Vice President of Finance - Sharon McFall
  • Vice President of Faculty, Alumni, and Trustees - Isaac Hackney
  • Vice President of Elections - Mckenzie Danhoff
  • Vice President of Public Relations - Justin Beckner