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Strategic Planning

Strategic Plan


Building on a strong past and forging ahead to an even brighter future, Wilmington College is Rising! Soon after his announcement as the 19th president in October of 2020, Dr. Trevor M. Bates became highly engaged with WC’s leadership and the College community in building an understanding of how Wilmington College could address the challenges and opportunities facing the College in the years ahead. The result of this has been an ongoing and robust conversation outlined in the four steps below:

Step 1: Guiding Perspectives

There are many challenges facing higher education today and we have identified six-challenges that are priorities for Wilmington College to address.

Step 1: Guiding Perspectives

Step 2: RISE Vision

The strategic vision: Wilmington RISE: now, near, & far! has been set and provides an overarching direction to guide the strategic planning process over the next five years (2021-2026).

Step 2: RISE Vision

Step 3: Aspirational Goals

Aspirational goals continue to be formed to set the 5-year strategic direction for where we will be headed over the next five years of this phase of our planning .

Step 3: Aspirational Goals

Step 4: Strategic Planning & Review Cycle

The process has been outlined to demonstrate how we, as a community, will contribute to identifying specific initiatives that will be prioritized in the “now, near, & far” to help the College, step by step, move forward together as Wilmington College continues to RISE!

Strategic Planning and Review Cycle

President Trevor’s First 100 Days

WC Strategic Plan 2017-2020


At the close of its 150th academic year, members of the Wilmington College community have completed one of the most productive and transformational strategic plans in the College’s history. This plans’ major accomplishments included:

  1. Implementation of a $1.9 million Title III grant to provide support for at-risk students with an emphasis placed upon retaining them through graduation.
  2. Creation of graduate level programs in Athletic Training and Occupational Therapy
  3. Established the Clinton County Succeeds Program
  4. Updated Campus Master Facilities Plan and created a Master Information Technology Plan
  5. The College received two record-breaking estate gifts ($16.8 million & $13.5 million)
  6. Successfully navigated the COVID-19 pandemic with an open, safe campus with face to face class offerings as well as select online classes as well.

The Wilmington College Strategic Plan 2020 served as an essential guide for the College community.  It was the blueprint for enriching, enhancing and sustaining excellence at Wilmington for the four years leading up to our 150th Anniversary.