Wilmington College Forms Clay Target Trap Shooting Club

September 29, 2020

Hats Off to Gavin Salyer for Hitting 25 of 25 Targets

While Wilmington College looks back on 150 years in 2020, it also continues to move forward in establishing organizations designed to reflect the broad interests of the student body.

PICTURED: The Wilmington College Clay Target Club pictured from left are: Spencer Wilcox, Killian Lott, Assistant Coach Bruce Warren, Riley McClure, Coach Cindy Warren and Kane Lewis. Unavailable for the photo were Gunner Lee, Gavin Salyer, Jonathan Vance, Assistant Coach Tim Woods and the team’s adviser, Eric Dick. BELOW — Gavin Salyer with his prized 25-straight hat.

Last spring, the College’s Student Government Association recognized the Clay Target Club as an official student organization, but the team was unable to compete when the COVID-19 pandemic forced the campus to close in March. While courses continued online, most organizations suspended activity.

Gavin Salyer

WC’s newest club is competing this fall in the USA College Clay Target League, a virtual association that allows college teams from all over the United States to participate virtually, thereby eliminating the need for inter- and intrastate travel to competitions. Each team competes individually at a nearby range and submits results through a secured scoring website. Scores are calculated with results posted at the conclusion of league competition.

Wilmington College joins established teams in Ohio from Kent State University, Ohio University and the University of Akron. WC competes at the Clinton County Farmer’s and Sportsman’s Association.

The league lists its goals in order of importance as safety first, followed by enjoyment of the sport and then marksmanship. Wilmington College has a seven-member club participating in trap, which is a clay target game of 25 targets with five participants at a time. Each participant has the opportunity to break five targets at each of five stations, which are placed nine feet apart in a line 16 yards behind a clay target throwing machine. The machine is set to randomly thrown five different target presentations in front of each participant, providing both a challenging and fun activity.

During the team’s latest competition on Sunday (Sept. 27), Gavin Salyer achieved a perfect round on the trap field breaking 25 consecutive targets.

Team adviser Eric Dick, assistant professor of athletic training, noted that, “In clay targets, this is quite an accomplishment and celebrated by the entire group by placing clays in Gavin’s hat, then having Gavin launch the hat in the air where everybody on the range safely tries to hit the hat. The hat was then returned to Gavin as a symbol of his accomplishment.”

Week 1 scores, which are based on two 25 rounds of targets, include: Gunner Lee, 43/50; Kane Lewis, 35/50; Killian Lott, 30/50; Riley McClure, 16/50; Galvin Salyer 42/50; Jonathan Vance, 38/50; and Spencer Wilcox 46/50. Scores of subsequent competitions this fall have not been posted.