Campus Community Members Volunteer at Playground Construction Site

May 15, 2019

Castle Park II Well Underway at David Williams Memorial Park.

More than two dozen Wilmington College students, staff, faculty and trustees were our en force today (May 15) in helping construct the Castle Park II playground at David Williams Memorial Park.

PICTURED: Tina Dell from the Student Life Office works on the new playground Wednesday morning. (PHOTO BY CHIP MURDOCK)

This is “Castle Park II Build Week,” which runs May 15 through 19 and today was WC’s day and some 23 members of the campus community worked shifts throughout the day.

Wilmington Parks and Recreation noted the historic building project. 25-plus years ago when the Wilmington community marshaled its forces and built the Castle Playground, which served the community well. However, the playground reached its full lifespan and was in need of a replacement build to more modern-day specifications.

The community has responded to the call again for Castle Playground 2.0.

Jobs are available for persons of all skill and interest levels. Just show up at the park on Fife Ave. or express your interest in a particular time at Castle Park Build Week’s Facebook page: