WC Planning Glaze Parties as Preparation for Unique Earth Day/Ag Day Activity

February 13, 2020

Purchasers of Ceramic Bowls for a Good Cause Can Glaze Them — and Fill The with Pie and Ice Cream in April

Wilmington College is actively preparing for its annual Earth Day/Ag Day activities in April by tapping into the glaze craze that is sweeping the nation.

PICTURED: Local ceramicist Diane Anderson (LEFT) works the potter’s wheel while a WC student, Katelyn Hill, observes ceramics instructor Michele Carr in the College’s ceramics studio.

The project ties together a pair of seemingly disparate entities — art and agriculture — in what ultimately will be a philanthropic endeavor serving the community. Indeed, a group of faculty, students and friends are more than halfway to achieving the goal of creating 150 ceramic bowls that ultimately will be sold as a fundraiser to assist Wilmington City Schools’ Summer Lunch Program.

Here’s the scoop and how it relates to the April 16 Earth Day/Ag Day at WC.

With students in mind regarding the affordability factor, the ceramic bowls are on sale for $10 each to the campus and members of the greater Wilmington community. Those who purchase the ceramics will have an opportunity to glaze their bowls free of charge during several designated glaze parties in the College’s ceramics studio. WC will provide the glazes, brushes and kiln for glaze firing the bowls, which are both microwave and dishwasher safe.

Those interested in purchasing and glazing a bowl can contact Diane Anderson for details regarding available times for glazing via email at: <Diane.ladybug@gmail.com>.

There’s more! On Earth Day/Ag Day, they will pick up their bowls at the College and receive a complimentary helping of pie and ice cream, and thereby serve as judges in the pie-tasting contest. Those missing the glaze parties might, based on availability, have an opportunity to purchase a finished bowl for $15 on Earth Day/Ag Day — and also be eligible for the dessert. If the bowls are sold out, pie and ice cream will be available in compostable bowls.

During January, February and likely into March, the group consisting of Michele Carr, WC’s adjunct instructor in ceramics; Diane Anderson, a local ceramicist; Nicolin Haines, local ceramics artist and art teacher at Clinton-Massie Middle School; and WC students Betty Caudill, an art major, and Katelyn Hill, an art minor, all have been producing bowls.

Proceeds from the sales after covering the cost of the clay and glaze will benefit local youth with free lunches this summer.