WC Now Offering Concentration in Ecological Ethics

June 28, 2019

Area Closely Aligned with Religion and Philosophy Major

Wilmington College has responded to student interest in such areas as food justice, sustainability and environmental values by establishing a humanities concentration in ecological ethics starting this fall.

PICTURED: From the left, Dr. Evan Farr, visiting assistant professor of humanities and global issues, junior Jack Ferguson and Dr. Stephen Potthoff, associate professor of religion and philosophy, enjoy a discussion against the backdrop of spring on campus.

The area is closely aligned with the religion and philosophy major, which now offers concentrations in both peace and nonviolence, and ecological ethics.

Dr. Stephen Potthoff, associate professor of religion and philosophy, said the popularity of the College’s sustainability minor and recently instituted concentration in food policy and agricultural advocacy made ecological ethnics an appropriate new course of study.

“The concentration provides students with a solid foundation — including theoretical and practical, hands-on learning components — in sustainability studies that can be combined with a variety of other majors and minors like agricultural sustainability, environmental science and political science,” he said.

“This concentration is for anyone broadly interested in these topics or for those interested in supplementing another field with a deeper dive into the ethics, culture and philosophy regarding the environment and beyond.”

Complementing foundational courses in religion and philosophy are Ecological Ethics, Topics in Religion and Philosophy, Global Politics of Food and an internship or senior project.