WC Junior Embracing Leadership Opportunities

July 3, 2018

Kameron Rinehart Attains Ziglar Youth Certification

After only two years at Wilmington College, Kameron S. Rinehart possesses an impressive portfolio of leadership activities as he enters his junior year this fall.

PICTURED: Kameron Rinehart earned Ziglar Certification to give motivational and inspirational presentations geared toward helping young people on the road to self-fulfillment.

The agriculture major from Jeffersonville is a Student Ambassador, resident assistant, vice president of Student Government Assn. and an officer with Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity, Greek Council Executive Board, Collegiate Farm Bureau and Student Philanthropy Council. He also has a long history of leadership activities with Future Farmers of America.

Add to that dossier his recently attained status as a Ziglar Youth Certified Speaker and Facilitator.

Rinehart cited his Ziglar certification as “the next step” in his self-actualization and personal evolution as a leader.

“The opportunities for leadership development I’ve had at Wilmington College have been incredible and played an important role in my desire to become part of the Ziglar Generation,” he said. “I look forward to sharing insight I’ve gained into motivation and inspiration with my peers at WC.”

Indeed, as a Ziglar Youth Certified Speaker and Facilitator, Rinehart is qualified — as one of only two in Ohio and 72 in the nation — to offer Ziglar-based workshops, keynote addresses, conference facilitation, coaching and other motivational and training services to elementary through college-age students, along with singular individuals and those associated with faith-based organizations.

“My passion is to inspire youth of all ages to chase their dreams no matter how monumental they may be,” Rinehart said, adding that, while some may wish to dedicate themselves to such lofty endeavors as finding a cure for cancer or teaching children in Third World countries, others may be struggling simply in determining their passions.

Rinehart believes he can help those on both ends of that spectrum through ideals practiced under Generation Ziglar, a program developed based on the late Zig Ziglar’s personal development training and coaching philosophies. Rinehart followed up his Ziglar Youth Certification training in Dallas this spring with acquiring skills as a member of the program team for the Ziglar Outdoor Leadership Experience Academy in North Carolina in late June.

Rinehart cited a mentor’s recipe for personal success as equal parts work ethic, passion and drive, all of which are personal traits that cannot be taught.

“As I thought about this, I began to see that, even if we cannot teach individuals those three characteristics, what we can do is motivate them and inspire them to find it on their own.”

Rinehart’s personal goal is to share his knowledge and experience with youth through an outreach business based on his Ziglar Certification.

“I want to guide youth in finding their dreams and inspire them that they can be anything they set out to be,” he said. “As Zig Ziglar said, ‘You were born to win.’ I believe, together, we can change the world!”

Rinehart’s workshops include such presentations as “Believing in YOU,” Busting through the Walls to REALationships” and “Charting Your Course to Success with Goal-Setting and Achievement.”

Additional information is available on his website