WC Faculty Members Guide Girl Scouts in Making ‘Princess Wigs’

April 29, 2019

Enchanting Headdresses to Be Given to Little Girls Fighting Cancer

Two members of Wilmington College’s faculty assisted members of a local Girl Scout Troop in making Princess Wigs for little girls battling cancer.

PICTURED: Members of Girl Scout Troop 31030 who made Princess Wigs, and their adult leaders, are, from the left, Ella Neuenschwander, who made Sleeping Beauty; Vanessa Calderone, The Little Mermaid; Dr. Laura Struve; Jocelyn Engel, Moana; Veronica Calderone, Rapunzel; and Dr. Marta Wilkinson. Not pictured is Brianna Brunke, who made the Princess Jasmine wig.

Dr. Marta Wilkinson, associate professor of English, is the adult leader of Wilmington Troop 31030 and Dr. Laura Struve, professor of English, coordinated the project by teaching the girls how to crochet the colorful wigs and guide them through the process. The enchanting headdresses will be donated, along with coordinating robes, to The Magic Yarn Project for distribution to girls who lost their hair due to chemo and radiation treatments.

The ambitious undertaking started in October with the girls learning to crochet following detailed patterns for the creation of wigs designed in the spirit of Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Rapunzel, Jasmine from Aladdin the Polynesian folk tale character, Moana,

They finished the Princess Wigs and robes in mid-April and now are working on the written component before submitting the troop’s comprehensive project toward earning the Girl Scouts’ Silver Award. Troop 31030 is part of the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio.

Wilkinson cited Wilmington College for allowing the troop to meet in Watson Library bi-weekly to work on the Princess Wigs. Also, they borrowed Styrofoam “wig heads” from the Theatre Dept. on which they placed the wigs.

The College also supports area Girl Scouts through a unique scholarship program. WC seeks to reward Gold Award recipients from the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio with a $1,500 scholarship that recognizes the leadership skills inherent with that prestigious certification.

The College is offering, as part of its aid package for entering students, a bonus to any member of the Girl Scouts who has attained that highest of honors. This is in addition to scholarships, grants and other financial aid for which they may qualify. The non-renewable financial awards are available to any number of qualified Gold Award recipients each year. Those Gold Award recipients from outside the Western Ohio region are eligible for a $1,000 award.