WC and Cincinnati State Announce Pathway to Bachelor Degree Partnership

October 8, 2018

CSTCC 2-Year Degree Grads Seamlessly Transfer into WC’s Program at Cincinnati State

Wilmington College and Cincinnati State Technical and Community College celebrated their 15-year partnership by announcing new measures in which associate degree recipients from CSTCC can earn a bachelor’s degree from WC — without ever leaving Cincinnati State’s campus.

PICTURED: WC President Jim Reynolds and Cincinnati State President Monica Posey seal the deal with a handshake after signing a new pathway to bachelor’s degree program involving the two institutions.

The colleges held a joint press conference Monday morning emphasizing not only the seamless transfer of credits between the two institutions but also how the partnership represents an extremely affordable option, especially for working adults.

Wilmington College President Jim Reynolds said the WC/CSTCC partnership already is a proven winner as 82 percent of two-year degree recipients who entered WC’s program at Cincinnati State have earned bachelor’s degrees since Wilmington’s program at Cincinnati State began in 2003.

“This partnership has such deep meaning for so many students,” he said, noting that, each year at both Commencement and the WC Cincinnati Branches’ Senior Banquet, he’s heard testimonials from graduates on how the Cincinnati State/Wilmington College experience has changed their lives.

“I’ve heard incredible stories of perseverance and personal success,” he added. “The education they’ve received here has changed family trees forever.”

Dr. Sylvia Stevens, vice president for external programs and dean of the Cincinnati Branches, has been closely involved as a leader of the partnership since its inception 15 years ago.

“Students come from strong programs at Cincinnati State and graduate from Wilmington College, becoming entrepreneurs, managers, vice presidents and other leaders in their fields,” she said. “Through online, hybrid and face-to-face courses, we’ve helped students achieve their goals.”

Another administrator involved since 2003 is Cincinnati State President Dr. Monica Posey. She noted that many of their students, who both work and have families while pursuing higher education, especially appreciate the convenience of studying on Cincinnati State’s campus for both their associate’s and bachelor’s degrees.

“Students have a great option since so many adult students see Cincinnati State as their educational home,” she added, noting the pathway to a bachelor’s degree is even easier with the enhanced partnership.

“We’ve had great success stories.”

One of those is Jeff Staley, a 2007 graduate of WC’s Cincinnati State program. He explained how he needed three things from the program: to gain important work experience, to complete his bachelor’s degree quickly and to lay the foundation for his future success.

“The Cincinnati State/Wilmington College partnership did just that for me,” he said, noting the financial planning manager has gone on to earn a master’s degree and numerous investment services licenses. He’s also teaching financial planning at Northern Kentucky University.

“This partnership holds a special place near and dear to my heart,” Staley added.

2018 graduate Maurice Riggins echoed those sentiments as he lauded his educational experience at both Cincinnati State and Wilmington as excellent.

“These institutions are helping me to be the best Mo Riggins I can be,” he said. “Becoming the greatest you is not accomplished by a leap, but by many steps.”

Finally, Cassandra Goldschmidt, a Cincinnati State graduate and current WC student, is working toward a degree in accounting and business administration with a plan to enter a career in forensic accounting.

“I hadn’t thought about pursuing my bachelor’s degree until I heard about Wilmington’s program at Cincinnati State,” she said. “Wilmington is a really good fit for me.”

Wilmington College offers — at Cincinnati State’s campus — majors in accounting, business administration, strategic organizational leadership, education studies and multimedia studies. Information on the WC/CSTCC program is available by contacting Sharron Colon at 513.569.1806.