President Shares Compensation Plan with Faculty and Staff

June 14, 2022

Dear WC Faculty and Staff,

I am pleased to share, with the support of the Board of Trustees, details of our efforts to improve compensation for full-time employees of Wilmington College.

Addressing challenges associated with compensation began with my arrival as President in January 2021.  During my first year, we went through a detailed process of gaining a historical and current understanding of the challenges and devising a strategy to address them.  Now, we are implementing steps to make progress. Our review process included a variety of sources, including but not limited to our Quaker Values, the average salaries of our current peer institutions (faculty), CUPA institutions (staff), Ohio Athletic Conference institutions, and IPEDs data.

As part of our review process, we also conducted a gender equity analysis to determine if, after accounting for all the legitimate reasons salaries can differ between faculty members, there was any difference in salary that should be addressed. Ten years of individual faculty member salary data was analyzed in accordance with industry accepted statistical analysis methods. To the extent there was any salary differential between seemingly similarly situated individual faculty members, those individuals were further evaluated. In most instances in which a potential disparity was identified, upon evaluation, there was a non-gender-based explanation for the differential. In the few instances where any disparity existed that could not be completely explained, equity adjustments will be made.

I have approved recommendations made through this detailed review process and am now directing Human Resources to implement adjustments to the current full-time employee salaries.

For those hired on or before December 31, 2021, adjustments will include the following:

  • Establish full-time faculty average base salary guidelines (by rank) which will bring faculty salaries at 92% or above of the average of currently established peer institutions
  • A 3% increase of base salary to full-time staff
  • Recognize years of service for full-time faculty and staff
  • Additional equity adjustments as needed based on available resources and data that support our Quaker Values

All changes will begin with the payroll scheduled at the end of June 2022.

The Office of Human Resources will provide specific details to each eligible full-time employee in the next few days regarding how the outlined changes will impact each person individually.

Our work together is just beginning, and I am excited to continue to work with each of you to find solutions to challenges while taking full advantage of opportunities to help Wilmington College RISE!

We will continue to focus on improving our communication and enrollment management, student engagement and success, facilities and resource management, and distinctive academic excellence as we write the next chapter of the history of this great College, together.

Special thank you to the Board of Trustees and College Administration for their support in this important process and to the faculty and staff for all that you do each day to advance our mission …to educate, inspire, and prepare each student for a life of service and success!


Trevor M. Bates, DHSc, AT, ATC

President, Wilmington College